Friday, June 27, 2008

Dear Farm Girl 3 mos

Dear Missy Moo Hoo,
You've reached 3 mos! I hope you're as relieved as I am- the "fourth trimester" has been successfully completed and we survived!:) It's been hard sometimes trying to decipher what you want as you cry at me. Often no one could console you except for me and even then it was hit or miss.
You are so chatty these days and you even do a belly laugh for your brother. It is too cute. And when he realizes that you are the reason for the laughter he hams it up even more. Every time we go to get the camcorder though you get fascinated by the lens and stop laughing and smiling.
You rock at this ec thing but your mommy has to get on board more. Usually we have a catch or two in the morning and then you wear a diaper the rest of the day.
You cry a lot more than your brother did. I think in part it's because that's just you and in part I can't respond as quickly as I could to him. I'm sorry that so young you're having to learn to share.
I realized last night that we have only given you one bath in the baby bath- the rest have been in the shower with one of us. Well it's tricky to keep a hold of a slippery baby and wash all the baby bits. I've noticed that your neck and hands and underarms and feet are all getting stinky so I think we'll have to pull out the baby bath.
I love being a mom to a girl and am so thrilled that I'll be able to participate in your growing up in such an immediate way.
Well- you're crying on your brother's bed- must respond!:)
I love you girlie,

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