Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A combining of blogs - somewhat

A terrific bride and now a wonderful friend that I met through photography has become my favorite stalker supporter of my blogs. In a recent blog post on Mommy Do It! I explained the multiple blogs that will speak to multiple facets of my life and how to follow them.
A conversation over email ensued between this friend and I that went something like this:
Friend ~ I love reading about all of your adventures and I wondered if there was a way to combine your blogs into one "home-schooling, photo-shooting, mom-who-writes-to-her-kids, new-to-farm-life, interested-in-many-funky-new-fangled-notions" epic?

Me ~ I've considered it but "I want [the farm and photography blogs] to remain somewhat professional so don't feel like: Our kids are cranky meets I'm a professional photographer meets I have chicken poop on my shoes - really works. But then it should, because I'm not just one aspect - I'm not JUST photography, for example. But when someone is looking for a photographer, I don't think they want to wade through the other stuff. I really wasn't sure about doing the curly post on the blog but decided to do it in the end because someone at a wedding we were shooting had brought it up..."

Friend ~ I can see that ... "I just think your "story" is so neat...at least as interesting as some of those Pioneer Woman-types out there, you know?" {side note: I did not feel it helpful to point out that she's crazy when comparing me to Pioneer Woman. I don't want to be her, but am also honored that our "names" would be in the same space in someone's thoughts, yk?} "... actually have a blog that I follow where a woman said she tried to devote time/blogs to different topics, and then she realized that she is many things-her work, her writing, motherhood, being a wife, fixing her house up, etc., and so her "thing" ended up being that she was trying to show all the different sides of her. Whenever I read that, I immediately thought of you!"

So I pondered and pondered. Finally coming up with a plan that I shared in a delayed email response to my friend.

Me ~ I think I will do highlights of the other blogs (or full entries if appropriate) and put it on the Mommy Do It! one - then you only have to follow one blog unless you're super curious about something that was written on the Mommy Do It! one that mentioned one of the other sites. I don't think I'd want a full wedding on the Mommy Do It! one - but maybe my favorite non-identifying pictures and if a reader wants to see the rest I'll provide the link to the photography blog.

So that's the plan - I'm sure my friend wasn't the only one who did "big eyes" (as we call it at this house) when they realized there were three blogs being juggled. And my friend is right: I'm not Sarah the Photographer or Sarah the Farmer or Sarah the Momma - I'm just Sarah and there are lots of different aspects of me and cross over from blog to blog.

Stay tuned because the next farming related blog entry is about composting.
The next photography related blog entry is about senior reps - something Mommy Do It! readers probably don't need/want to see so that one will stay there.

We'll see how this melding of blogs goes. Maybe I should change the name of this blog to: "The Hub". Haha.

Thoughts/comments on this, and on every entry, always appreciated!

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