Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dear Del 34 months

Dear Del-Del,
Talk about language explosion! You're talking in full sentences and telling us long detailed stories that usually end in: "that funny, right? *giggle giggle*
And then suddenly your tale is pretty funny - it includes varying voices and different entertaining facial expressions ... yeah, it's funny. Right now you're in the bathtub with Noah and you say in a deep voice to a boat Noah is playing with: "Is your name boat-y or boat-y?". Asking for a toy's name is usually the first order of business when you start playing with it.


You told me your baby was sad and it wanted it's mommy. You insist I am the baby's mommy and so I hold the baby. Then you say in a high pitched voice in the baby's face: "Do you want Del-y? Here, I'll hold you. It's okay, Del-y has you, it's okay"
You're growing taller and taller too. I looked at the chart where we mark how tall you are - in 2 years you have grown 6.5"! That's a lot of growing! It looks like you are on the same track as Noah because he grew 6.5" in two years too. Crazy growing!


We recently were driving in less than ideal conditions (there's been an incredible amount of snow this year!) on Benefit St. in Providence, which you may know is really suited to be a one way road in the best of time ... but isn't. The car ahead of us was about a car and a half ahead and then decided it wanted to park in the spot that was empty on the side of the street ... right next to me. They put on their blinker. Mommy said: "you can't do that" and honked her horn. Noah loved that we honked the horn. They waved me around ... into oncoming traffic. Someone behind me honked. Mommy grumbled and honked again. The person finally moved on. You said: "When we get home I'll give you a hug and a kiss" - presumably because Mommy was a little stressed?


Mommy decided to try going up George St. because it seemed like only a marginally steep hill and I am familiar with the road as it is where the RS Dept is (ie "Daddy's School"). I failed to remember that college students cross the street like they own it and often opt to walk in the street, choosing to ignore the sidewalks. I don't judge, I'm sure I was the same in college, I just don't remember. So grumble grumble about students. You pipe up: "Mommy not a student any more ... now you is a helping parent!" Evidently the two options in your mind is student or helping parent. Noah attends a co op preschool three days a week - thus the "helping parent" role.


We spent a week in San Antonio with Nina and Pooba for a photo conference for Mommy and Daddy. I think it was during this time that you started calling Daddy "Josh" in earnest. Daddy says it doesn't bother you, you point out that Mommy calls Daddy "Josh". When I reasoned that Noah and Del are Daddy's children, that's why you call him "Daddy" you offered the compromise that Mommy calls Daddy "Daddy" and you call Daddy "Josh". Hmmm. Something isn't computing quite right. It's not when you talk to Daddy, it's when you're talking about him to someone else - you often call him "My Josh".


You continue to love "Blueberries for Del" also known as "Blueberries for Sal". You ask for it to be read every night and will often be found in your bed reading it to yourself. A.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!!
We left the book at home while in San Antonio and all was well, fortunately. You travel in the air about as well as in the car - meaning you're fairly relaxed about the whole experience but you do need toys/books/entertainment. You discovered a fun game where you screamed in the confines of an airplane to have Mommy cover your mouth... You took to you "San Antonio House" with ease and went on all sorts of adventures with Nina and Pooba - like a boat ride, and a zoo trip, and a safari visit, and a mini-amusement park....


When we returned you and Noah, who generally get along decently, were suddenly playing all sorts of cooperative games together. We hear you talking to each other in the morning, you share toys with ease, and you're quick to look after the other. I don't know what Nina and Pooba did to you or what was in the water in Texas or what but we're enjoying this!


Your days are full of "Why?"'s and we're loving discovering the answers with you. Yes you're talking more ... no worries ... you still yell if you need to.
I love you love you!


amy said...

such a beauty! we miss you guys.

*just* said...

oh thanks!

tom tiff and mason said...

your kids are so adorable and seem to be getting so big! i love del's brown shoes that she's wearing in the swing- what kind are they?

*just* said...

It started with this blog post by Rachel Coleman:

We decided we all needed soft soled shoes. The adults of the family have still not converted but for the kids we got shoes from Soft Star Shoes (