Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kid Speak

Go to barn with Grammy ... NOT Great Grammy
-Farm Girl

Mom, I was so thirsty I almost drank a ball of water!
-Ark Boy

bunnies don't have ears
-Farm Girl

Mommy: that's a dime, not a penny
Ark Boy: Oh. I want more diamonds in my bank!
Mommy: yeah, me too

Can I speak to Perry?
-Telemarketer calling for Grampy ... his name is Pierre

-Farm Girl -all plural words end in -es

-both kids, opposite of button up

buckle me down
-Farm Girl, opposite of buckle me up

I is a soldga ... I want my mama!
-Farm Girl, "soldga" = solidier

While at Nina's house~
Farm Girl: Where Daddy?
Mommy: sleeping
Farm Girl: in Tant A room with Tant A?
(note: Tant A is Mommy's sister)

When I three, I be a grownup and then I do that!
-Farm Girl on kneading bread

I have teeny tiny milks because my babies drink my milks all gone!
-Farm Girl comparing her "milks" to Mommy's "milks"

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