Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kid Speak

"This is my special thing. You know how you have special things in your dresser drawer? This is my special thing and I like to leave it in my pants."
-Ren Man on Ark Boy trying to take Ren Man's wallet

"Nina all gone so I have to talk to you"
-Farm Girl to Poobah on her pretend phone

"I'm energetic to that"
-Ark Boy talking about his allergies we didn't know he had

"why you have cold air in your house?"
-Farm Girl on Grammy's humidifier

"It's like a pee waterfall!"
Ark Boy watching Ren Man pee

"Oh! I thought you were a monster!"
Ark Boy talking to Mommy

Farm Girl: I'm the mommy, this is my baby ... you can be...
Ark Boy: The cheetah!

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