Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lame Duck, anyone?

No question, I have learned so much more since leaving school than I ever did in school.
I presume I learned how to learn but watching our kids I think that I already had that skill mastered by the time I was in school.
And the love of learning has grown since leaving school.
This makes sense.
I now have the time to focus on what I want to learn.
The motivation has always been there, just hidden under the demands of school.
That brings me to "Lame Duck".
I kept hearing about congress having a "Lame Duck Session" on NPR.
My knowledge of our government's workings is sparse.
I blame this on the fact that we lived overseas for 98% of my middle and highschool education.
But it could very well also be that as a citizen under 18years old there was litte interest in learning about government.
How could I be motivated to learn something that didn't effect me. It did, but I couldn't influence the outcome.
So no interest.
But Lame Duck? What could that possibly mean?!?!

A "lame duck" session of Congress in the United States occurs whenever one Congress meets after its successor is elected, but before the successor's term begins.

Ahh, that makes sense.
And now, it's interesting.

And it makes me feel confident (once again) on our unschooling choice.
So my kids might not know who the president is ... until they want to.
And then they'll remember because when they seek the information it will then be important for them.

I'm sure somewhere along the line a teacher lectured on Lame Ducks but it's not something I retained.

And maybe our kids will know every single president's names, years of presidency, state of birth, and other facts of interest to them tomorrow.

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