Friday, December 3, 2010

Book Look

A friend offered a pile of books that she was done with. This was one of them.
I started reading through this and realized that it's a wealth of awesome suggestions for books for kids. Some of never heard of and others I've been reminded of by reading through the first couple pages of this book. In fact, every year we get the kids a book for Christmas. After reading some of Under the Chinaberry Tree I am ordering Make Way for Ducklings and Blueberries for Sal. We try to pick books that have to do with each kid's interests from the year. Ark Boy is totally into visiting different cities - and Boston is a favorite. Farm Girl .... well, I've never known a kid more crazy for blueberries! And they are classics, right?
In addition to book reviews Under the Chinaberry Tree also includes reflections and introspections all based on the author's parenting experience.
Enjoying taking this reading sweet and slow.


Shalonne said...

Sam has those books - he loves them! Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel is also a wonderful classic kids book. And Harold and the Purple Crayon.... So many fun books!

*just* said...

I love the Harold Books.
I dont' really care for Mike Mulligan but that's just me.
the Sal book came in the mail yesterday. I'd never read it. I LOVE it. Reminds me so much of Del - perfect!!