Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dear Noah 4years 7months

Dear Noah, Noah,
I miss you. Your life is crazy (preschool 3 mornings a week and the other school 2 days a week) and my life is busy (per diem work and photography) I feel like we don't see each other enough. When we do see each other you're very much at the end of your energy store for the day and so am I.
This weekend we spent all day on Saturday together. It's not like we stared at each other for hours on end, or had in depth conversations, or playing complicated games .... we went to a local preschool that was doing "decorate your own gingerbread house" fundraiser. We then went to a friend's house for playing and lunch. And we rounded out our day with a birthday celebration for another friend who turned 3. And the whole day seemed better. Hectic? Oh, yeah. But good because you and me - we were in close proximity all day.


I can't wait for that to be normal life again. A couple more months of chaotic schedules and we'll be there. In the meantime you're having oh-so-much fun during these busy days - even if they do tire you too. You're learning to share your very favorite preschool friend. This friend was all about Noah last year and the beginning of this year. He had a passion for Noah like no other and you didn't necessarily reciprocate that feeling. Now this friend has discovered the joy of playing with various other boys in the class but you have eyes only for this friend these days. Every day you're figuring out how much time you can have with this specific friend and how to navigate playing with others. I struggled with the same thing into elementary school and beyond so I feel for you. Overall though preschool is about building, painting, playing with the doll house, and running around like a lunatic on the playground.


If you want a dependable friend I'll tell you were you could turn - it's Del. Yes, she's taken to pulling your hair for sometimes ambigious reasons which upsets you very much BUT she's also your biggest fan. She'll follow you anywhere, encourage your antics, and is quick to do whatever you tell her to do. Often this is a whispered "jump higher!" when you're supposed to be sleeping and she's not supposed to be jumping on her bed. You're quick to say that you weren't jumping on your bed, the epitome of innocence. It's hard not to laugh at your percieved cleverness.


Again, you continue to amaze me in how grown up you are, physically, emotionally, and cognitively. I'm amazed at the connections you make, the questions you ask, and the moments I catch you unawares exploring the world or creating one of your own! I start to get used the grown up version of you and sometimes forget that you're still four. When you surprise me by crawling into my lap naked and being sad because you fell asleep the night before without getting snuggles. Reminds me that these days are numbered - these days of the child Noah vs. the grownup Noah. And more and more grownup Noah will be present while less and less child. And yes, you're only four but that's a whole different program than you were at two (we've recently had fun going through "old" pictures and videos).


Thank you for again being amazing this month.
Much much love,
your momma

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librarian pirate said...

look at that face! He's so grown up!