Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the world shifts

I got a call around 4am yesterday morning.
A friend said she was having contractions and maybe I should come.
In the pre-dawn hours it was magical to think of how the world shifts a little to accomodate each new person.
I kissed my husband goodbye.
He reminded me that I needed to get the kids that afternoon so he could go to a meeting.
I asked him to swap cars in front of our friend's house after he dropped the kids off in the morning at their "school".
I mentally ran through that days to-do list and knew it could all wait.
It could all shift to another day.
Today was this baby's day of birth and that was most important.
Our car was out on the road when it normally is tucked into a pile of leaves on the side of the road in front of our house.
The lights were on at my friends house when normally the house would be dark.
Their bed was made in layers to accomodate the coming baby and its fluids.
The birth boxes were waiting in the living room.
Things not in their usual spots.
Everything shifts.
Priorities change in a moment.
All for a baby.
It's magical.

The birth was incredible but it's not my story to tell. My story is just the part where I was amazed to be present. I'm often feeling haried. Racing from one commitment to the next. So refreshing to think: is this all THAT important?
It can all wait.
All of it.
That's a relief!

Congratulations Momma, Daddy, Big Sister, and Baby Sister.

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