Friday, November 12, 2010

Kid Speak

If I'm not shy of her she can live with me
-Ark Boy on future wife

Cow milk farm comes from the cow farm and soymilk comes from the soymilk farm.
-Farm Girl

Begetable Farm
-Ark Boy's name for the farm we get our CSA from or any time he's referencing vegetables

Mommy: People are crazy! (while driving in horrible traffic)
Ark Boy: Yeah! They're everywhere!!

Mostly I put my socks on first so I don't have to wrestle with my pants ... yeah ... that's what I do.
-Ark Boy explaining why he thinks I should put my socks on before my pants

Farm Girl: No! Pants first! Mommy say this first!
Daddy: I don't think Mommy puts her pants on before her underwear
Farm Girl: oh

Dem sleeping and kissing
-Farm Girl seeing two people kissing

Daddy: When is the last time you peed
Ark Boy: Five days

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Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

I love the comment about the pants and socks. That's priceless!