Friday, November 12, 2010

Bedroom setup

I've had a couple of questions about the kid's sleeping arrangements. We've tried everything imaginable (or at least everything that we could imagine!) including cosleeping, family bed, kids sharing a bed, separate rooms, and now we're on to separate beds in the same room.


Ark Boy has a twin size bed and Farm Girls has a trundle tucked under Ark Boy's bed perpendicular to each other. Farm Girl's bed comes out just far enough for her to have enough room which also gives Ark Boy enough room to open his bottom dresser drawer.
Yes, it's cramped. There is another room they could share that is bigger but it has inconvenient extras (you know, things like the radiator, windows, a closet door) that make it impossible to arrange two twin beds into it. We've thought about putting them in separate rooms too but I'm not sure where we could put our office (and the computer is our top priority ;) ). Plus I assume the kid's will share a room at least in the short term after our move so it seems wise to keep their rooms shared for now.
So that's that.

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