Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dear Noah 4.5

Dear Noah,
Your preschool teacher commented during my helping parent day that you're tall. I told her I knew. She said: no, really tall - when he was sitting on your lap I couldn't tell whose legs were whose!
Yes, tall, tall, and even taller. Your teacher asked if Daddy matured early or if I did. I explained that you were born tall and you've got the genes in your body from various family members on both sides. Tall is inevitable.


We're feeling more confident in our homeschooling/unschooling plans. We'll take it one year at a time but right now we can't imagine sending you to school. It's so fun to watch you learn. One of your most common phrases is "sure" (not really surprising considering the parents you spend a fair amount of time with). You recently responded with typical "sure" then said: "hey mom! 'sure'...'shore' - like at the beach!"
That got you on a roll thinking of homophones ... "and Mom! 'orange' (the fruit) and 'orange' (the color) ... and 'yellow' and 'light'" ... hmmm - we still have some work to do.
You're also interested in rhyming which leads to funny sounds: "sun, fun, lun, mun, run ..." I love hearing you play with our language. You've recently discovered that there is this other language that is called Spanish. I don't know how you heard about Spanish but you're awed that people speak in this Spanish all the time!
See? Discoveries like these - I don't want to miss them!


So in light of schooling thoughts and a request this month to play baseball (the same month that you called a baseball on a new t-shirt a football) I was excited to help you embrace something you were excited about. I brought it up one night after prekindergarten one afternoon (not to be confused with a nursery school day) to explain that baseball wasn't going to happen until spring. You said you'd been thinking about it more and you think you want to do baseball and soccer. I jumped on the soccer idea. I did. Soccer is far preferable in my mind. Not that I want to sway you or anything. I explained that soccer you could do now. Hmmm, but then you thought maybe baseball. So I said you could choose to do anything you wanted in the spring and I listed suggestions: soccer, soccer is really fun, baseball, ballet which is where you learn to dance, music lessons-
"I know, I know!" you interrupted enthusiastically "I want to do juggle in the circus lessons!"
We're on that. We're searching for juggling lessons in the-middle-of-nowhere-Vermont.


Oh! And speaking of Vermont. We're excited. We're all excited for all of our big plans and your one request is a bunk bed - you want to be on the top, of course. We're talking about all the big things that we have to do here first, Thanksgiving, Christmas, a trip to San Antonio, then everyone's birthdays ending with yours right before our move. Much anticipation. Much planning. Much excitement. We talk about how next year we'll do school at home and that is something you're super excited about.
You recently announced that you knew what you wanted to do when you grew up. This is interesting because we have very consciously not said things like: "what do you want to do when you grow up?" We want all of us to be enjoying the present and not barreling to the future all the time - despite Vermont anticipation.
So I was curious what you wanted to be when you grew up ...
"A Farmer!" you said. I tried not to seem too thrilled. We know children can feel obligated to take over the farm (thankfully we don't feel obligated and we want to follow Grammy and Grampy's example).
"Yeah! And I want a truck!" you continued. You then clarified that this truck would not be for Mommy to drive in, only you and Daddy. And if you knew what a gun rack was I presume that would have been included too.
Suddenly the downsides of Vermont are being brought to light.


We love you Big Guy and are so thrilled that we get this life with you. I was recently talking to a new mom as I was photographing her tiny 9 day old baby. It always brings back memories of you and Del. It seems like forever ago that you were so tiny with your soft hair, snuggly body, and insatiable milk lust. But 4.5 years is really not that long. You've done so much in your life so far - it's hard to remember you as that tiny human! This is such a fun ride, front and center watching as the little you turns into an older and older you.


I love you all over the world,

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