Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear Del 31 months

Dear Big Girl,
You're feeling sick. When you saw your "my daddy not feel well" Daddy getting some medicine you said: "I not feel well, I need med-cine too". It's true. You're not feeling well but Daddy explained that the medicine he was taking was only for big people, your body is too small for this medicine. So you stood up your toes and said: "I big!"


Wow, it's awesome hearing you interact with other kids. Your funny conversations with Cooper and Chase and Noah are entertaining. Sometimes (mostly with Noah) it's things like: "No! Two kids do it!" and other times it's explaining things: "Mommy say we leave door open, Cooper". Sometimes the wrong person is listenign like when you say: "We 'ave dinna now!" and Noah says: "I know!" and you think for a minute before saying: "I not tell you, I tell Mommy."
I think a favorite is still "o-tay" and "bye, see-ya-yata". You're reminding me more and more of Sadie who I babysat for in college. It's funny because she was much younger when I started babysitting for their family but I guess it's this age that I remember the most.


Your days at daycare are getting much easier. You ask for daycare days on the other five days of the week and are so excited when the day arrives. Days are filled with painting, and swaddling dolls, and yummy lunches, and exciting outdoor playground space. For the most part you enthusiastically march up the ramp to the door and walk only a little hesitantly into your class. We put your lunch in the refrigerator as well as your water bottle, hang your backpack and coat in your cubby, and then scan the room to assess the situation. You then give Mommy a hug and kiss and you're off. Last time you marched excitedly into the building but got more and more hesitant as we got closer to your classroom. After we put everything away your face crumbled and you sobbed a litte. Poor Del. I assume because you weren't feeling well? In less than five minutes you were painting with roller paint and ready for Noah and Mommy to go to Noah's class. When it was time to come home you were full of information: "I a little bit sad, I take nap, I wake up, snack outside!"


Your sequencing of stories is so fascinating to me. You say: "We say: 'bye Cooper!' then we go to Noah's nursery school, then we go home, then we have lunch, then we have rest time!". All everyday stuff (or at least two-day-a-week stuff) but in your words it sounds much more exciting somehow.
You insist: "No, I do it! All! By! Myself!" and end up in crazy outfits with inside out underwear. Your selfcare skills continue to amaze me - inside out undwear and all!
You're still begging to go to "my Cape house". When I explain that we can't go right now you compromise with "one more sleep!". Often you say: "one more" finger indication included. Or you say: "five minutes" when I say we've done five minutes, you ask for four, and then three, and then two, and then one, and then four again... Your negotiating skills are catching up to your brother which leads to interesting back and forths between the two of you. I love hearing you both use the words I've given you ("you can have a turn when I'm done", "I don't like that", etc) and I love it even more when the words seem effective in your interactions with each other and other kids!


I love how strong your relationship is with me and your brother and your dad ... and then extended family too - who you LOVE to talk to on the phone ("just one time!").
Thanks for the snuggles, back rubs, and sweet kisses.
Love you, love you,

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