Tuesday, October 19, 2010

our life

All blogging moms are perfect.
Don't you agree?
I try not to be - but then do I want to talk about the days when I'm feeling overwhelmed and grumpy.
Not really.
And then when I think that I remember that having a blog perfect life isn't possible but if I'm not feeling blog perfect it's time to take a deep breath and change course (ie get rid of grumpiness somehow).
Ideally my anti grumpy tactic would be to climb into bed with a good book but that's not an option around here.
And I worry about our parenting some days.
The days when we're not so "on" - do our kids suffer?
What about if we decide to parent differently than trusted friends.
Are they right?
Are we?
Does it matter?
Then I heard a mother say in the grocery store parking lot: "Anthony stop f***ing touching everything!"
and realized that no matter how we parent or how our friend's parent all of our kids are going to turn out as awesome as possible.
Because it could always be worse.


And then I grabbed a handful of finger paint we have had for a month and haven't used and brought them outside (because painting+kids+in our house = too much stress!)
Between chickens and paint and chalk we're a hotbed of neighborhood kids. It's a funny dynamic because I have spoken with very few of these children's parents ever. And they're in our driveway painting, and chasing our chickens, and looking for eggs...
It's fun.
It's what I want life to be.


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Shalonne said...

The neighborhood painting party sounds so great! Such a nice way to resolve some issues we were talking about tonight with kids playing at neighbors - be the house the kids want to go to. That is something Warren and I have talked about - we want to always be welcoming to other kids because we prefer our kids to be here than there unless we know the other parents...I'm already stressing about sleepovers at friends houses... :(