Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dear Noah 4 years 5 mos

Dear Snuggle Bug,
What a crazy month we've had! We did a week at the Cape, 2 nights at Nina's, 4 nights home, 4 nights at Grammy's, and now we're back home. You've loved every minute of it. There have been a few melt downs which surprise us because you're not a melt-down kind of kid ... but then we remember that you're four and it's hard to have such a hectic life.


You started both new schools this month. You surprised me when you were uncertain about returning to the preschool you were at last year. There was a day and a half of shyness - and we were reminded again that you have a shy side. I think what threw you was the first group of students you saw were all new to you. Carol, one of your teachers, has said every time that you're doing really well. There was some concern during the first week when you proclaimed yourself a super hero which evidently included rushing towards other kids and raising your fists, stopping only inches from their face. But soon the most challenging part of your day was figuring out how to negotiate your way into helping two other boys build a complicated huge block structure.
In related news you also started at a reggio inspired daycare two full days a week. That was a challenge for you - but not as much as I was anticipating. You told me on the first day that you made a "new new friend". When I asked you what his name was you said: "blue and grey striped shirt... actually, I don't really know, but he's still my friend".


You and your sister continue to amaze me with your relationship. You're quick to explain things to Del ("that means..." or "the animals all climb up this side, the can only look at this side of the structure...") When you shared a bed at Grammy's house you were happy to have Del snuggle with you when Mommy had to leave the room at night (which involved Del laying on top of you!). You discovered (after watching Emmie) that you can unbuckle Del's seatbelt for her. Now you are happy to unbuckle yourself, unbuckle her, open her door for her, and the follow her out of that side of the car (because the rule is that the person whose carseat is on that side gets to go out of that side first). Sometimes it's frustrating when you use your words and Del doesn't respond appropriately - but you have a large stash of patience, thankfully.


The school debate continues. We asked you. You said you wanted to go to school where Daddy went to (and Uncle Evan, and Uncle Shawn, and Auntie Chels ... and Uncle Philip - but you don't like him ... you always remind us). But we weren't sure. Then we talked to a friend who made the point that those who want to home school SHOULD send their kids to public school because they will be the more involved parents who better public education.
K - so public school it is.
Then you say you'd prefer to be home schooled.
And we're not sure about public school.
While in Vermont we met up with a home schooling family whose children are similar in age. Talking to them made homeschooling make more sense. The opportunities for homeschoolers in the area is amazing. We never expected that there would be such a community there! And then on top of that you wrestled with the boy your age - running and rolling around in the grass and then listening to each other when one of you said you needed a break.
Ugh - so now we don't know again.
Good thing we have some time to think about it more. When we go up to Vermont again I'm going to go visit the kindergarten class. The cool thing is that it's the same teacher Daddy had (and loved!) the not so cool thing is that he's retiring after this year ...


You and Del are turning into country music fans - which I'm definitely encouraging (adn Daddy is rolling his eyes about). But you have funny preferences: the more upbeat songs are preferred as are male vocalists. When you asked me to crank up a Reba song - you then asked if it was a she or a he ... does she have long hair?
The gender stuff has been interesting this month. You pointed out that certain toys that Emmie has are "girls" or "boys". When asked what the difference was you said girls have eyelashes. How did you figure that out? And we're struggling a little because you're quite fascinated with knights (despite the minimal appropriately aged books featuring knights!) - and the few books we can find about knights usually make a point of saying that only boys can be knights. We roll our eyes and try to skip that part. When we read it unintentionally we say that we don't like that the book says that. But then that's the way it was, right? So a quandry.


You continue to be a leader which has pros and cons. I love that you'll gather a gaggle of children and lead the way to the next activity. It's crazy making when you insist that you are first or that you "won". You've also been known to set up situations where it's impossible for you not to "win". You recently asked me to go to the stairs on the opposite side of the play structure from where you were standing and try to catch you before you went down the slide - the slide that you were standing at the top of! How would that be possible?! grr! Maybe that's my leadership qualities coming out?


I continue to be wowed by how big, mature, easy going you are. It seems that every time I look at you - you suddenly seem older. And yes, I'm sure the fact that you're the size of a 5-6 year old could be part of it. You stood on top of a stool the other day and were saying that one day you would be tall ... but not taller than Mommy. I said - yes, in fact you will be taller than Mommy and probably taller than Daddy too. This was pretty amazing information for you. And you recently started riding your bike down the street to play with some children a couple doors down. When you wanted help playing with them the other day I suggested you start by saying your name and asking how old everyone is. You hung on to me and said your name in a crazy voice. We soon discovered that the kids ranged in age from 5-14 ... you may not have looked the youngest but you definitely were!


Keep growing, keep asking questions, keep being you!
I love you like no other,

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