Monday, September 27, 2010

Dear Del 30 mos!

Dear Del-y-Del,
You're cracking us up with your active attempt at participating in conversations that don't necessarily involve you. When I was telling Daddy in the car about how you would be "free" you piped up and said: "NO! I two!" When I was on the phone telling someone how you set the microwave for 60+ minutes when you decided to warm up peas you pointed to the bucket where the glass shards and charcoal peas were and said: "I do that?"


You've also become rather ... I don't know ... oldest child-like? You're concerned about what everyone is doing and are quick to inform me of what happened while I was away. Usually this involves long reports of Noah's potty habits like: "Noah go poddy. No poop. Just pee. Then he close lid. He flush. I no flush. I not poddy. Just Noah. Not Daddy. Just Noah." You're also quick to put everyone in their place with a "c'mere!" - hand motion included. Or directing someone's attention to something important like: "Moon! I see the moon! Cooper! Moon! Do you see moon? Look!!"
And possessive. Suddenly everything is yours. Not in a: "Mine!" kind of way more like: "where my Noah go?" or "We go my brown house?"
I also realized this month that when you say "two" you just mean more than "one". Your brother is on to "millions" and you're picking up the fact that "millions" is more than two. You can count to ten and show me "four" and "two" with your fingers (those being the most important numbers as they are the ages of each of you ... and me, according to you) but you have little concept of what four things actually are. It's lead to some pretty funny observations.


You also say things like: "need more water" and so I say: "do you need more water?" and you shake your head "no". This was super confusing until I realized that if you make a positive statement like: "need more water" but are shaking your head "no" then you mean you don't need more whatever. I didn't realize I was so unobservant of your body language!
Overall you're adept at getting your point across. You and Noah crack up when you repeat something he says incorrectly and he spends a lot of time coaching your pronunciation. He was talking about "yoga" and you were pronouncing it like you say "yogurt" (which sounds more like "yo-dut". So Noah said: yo-guh! and you tried and tried but yo-dut kept coming out and you two were giggling and giggling.


It's not always bliss between you two. You've figured out how to say: "No! Just one kid!" about something that involves both of you that upsets Noah no end. But you're also the first to say: "you o-tay?"
You're funny with your running that is more enthusiastic arm motion than actual foot movement. You love to dance and dance and make up songs that you sing to yourself. The baby love continues - any baby, every baby. You just want babies around you. We're thankful that you're willing to branch out in to balls and cars and cooking and drawing ... but babies seem to be your favorite.


We just came back from a trip to the cape with family friends and you showed again your love for the beach. A couple times we went with jeans rolled up and ended with soaked pants. It happens when you squat down to investigate a crab or a shell and a wave comes and brushes your bottom. The times we brought a bathing suit you didn't go in much further without encouragement. It seems that your idea of fun at the beach is to get your body wet and then lay belly down on the sand. When it's time for another dip you simply sit a million miles from the water (aka "the beach" according to you) and act as though the sand is a slide as you slowly make your way to the water. All sand, water and fun! The dad of the other family was not so excited about a wet sandy two year old and when your dad returned from a couple days back home with a recently vacuumed car he wasn't too excited about a wet sandy two year old either. Fortunately sand brushes off (somewhat) and one of the beaches was half a mile from where we stayed so walking was a perfect option!


And the charmer - you woo everyone we meet. You're such a little person and you want to do it all by yourself. Buckle your carseat, lay your body down before sleeping, climb the stairs, etc. You've stopped napping for the most part and you're voicing opinions and also reasoning with us ("one time?") effectively as well as being reasonable when we offer you an explanation. You're happy to go along with your brother's choices and suggestions and you're creative in discovering solutions to problems. So so fun to see your person become more and more evident.


I love you all over the world (as said by you as taught by Noah),

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