Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dear Noah 4years 4mos

Dear Mr. Noah,
You're tall! Everyone says it. You're used to it. You just say: "Yeah, I know" matter-of-factly whenever anyone voices this opinion in their shocked voice. I'm a little scared about how quickly you are going to be eye-to-eye with me. When you're 6? 8? - you only have a foot and a half to go and at the pace you're going! I have mixed feelings.... especially when you're still very interested in being spun through the air by your hands, carried up the stairs, and snuggling close. Well, snuggling isn't really a size issue so at least we'll still have that! Just not sure how much longer I can carry you - never mind spin that long body fast enough to lift you into the air! Oh! But for now! Yes, for now we'll keep it up because we only have so much time before this phase will be written into our shared past.

And amongst all the sweet, snuggle loving, gentleness of your soul is the knight loving, sword fighting, gun shooting preschooler. No, it's true, we don't have knights, swords, or guns in the house. The lack of knights can definitely be remedied (Christmas?) and possibly a sword but guns.... sorry, bud, I think you're still going to have to use your hands and the occasional stick. I'm sure too soon for Momma you'll be out with Daddy and Grampy (and Poobah if he has any say!) hunting deer - or bear as you recently predicted. Until then guns can stay imaginary. You've recently requested to go fishing and that seems a reasonable stall-hunting phase of life.

And yes, continue to shoot those monsters that you say are up the stairs and the robots too. You say they are "bad" which confuses me because we don't really label anyone as "bad" or "good" but somehow you've figured out "good guys" and "bad guys". Sometimes the "bad" monsters become friendly and are "good" monsters helping you fight the "bad" monsters. When I ask what "bad" and "good" mean you say: "I don't want to talk about it anymore". I think that's the line you use when you're not sure of your answer. To top it off you include your sister in these "I want to FIGHT!" escapades and you both stand at the bottom of the stairs saying: "shoot shoot shoot" with hand motions to go along. I try hard to keep my groan internal and keep my head from dropping in shame. I'm told it's all boys. I like to think that we're more than a pile of instincts driven in part by our gender. But I'm told it's all boys. And apparently any sister that can be influenced.

In school news... we lasted two days at a daycare that we thought would work. It didn't. I sobbed. Every day.
So we found an alternative that is pricier and less convenient but feels so much better. You and Del start at the end of the month.
You also started back at preschool three mornings a week and the transition has been smooth, thankfully. You're sad that your friend Gabe is gone but we talked about it A LOT before school started so by the time your first day rolled around you were asking about another boy who you didn't really interact with last year who has moved on with his family out of state.
So school is on our mind a lot this month! I'm thinking home schooling but then I'm thinking that you love school. Then we found out the school you would go to is only 3 full days a week for kindergarten. Still more thinking on this to do but if you had anything to do with it you would be signing up NOW.

In other exciting news... we rushed you to the hospital after you suddenly started yelling and crying about a stomach that hurt so very bad. This was so out of character for you and Daddy panicked! (Had I been paying more attention I may have too but panic for me didn't set in until Daddy was flying to the hospital!). It was gut wrenching! And you said that if you didn't breathe, it felt better. I was proud of you for thinking of a solution but you had trouble understanding why breathing was necessary. We were rushed in and an x-ray was taken, an iv was put in, blood was drawn... and after all the excitement the stomach pain eased and you were feeling like it was a 2/10 instead of a 10/10. So, a mystery. We're okay with that though because it meant our easy going, mild manner, funny kid was back instead of the doubling over, screaming, crying kid. Before we left you were playing hide and seek with the doctor and asking if I would take out the hep loc.

Thank you for being your helpful little self who loves to giggle, make someone laugh, and wrestle at any opportunity!
Love you muchly,


librarian pirate said...

OH MY GOODNESS! So Brandon has Neurofibromatosis and he takes these pills that affect his nerve endings to ease the pain? Sunday night Pippa found the bottle that was in the wrong spot because we keep having to rearrange (our house keeps flooding) and so we were flying to the emergency room too! CRAZY! AND once they'd forced Pips to take Charcoal it was just monitoring her for 6 hours so we ended up having an epic game of peekaboo - which isn't exactly hide and seek but close enough that I'm going to claim twin traumas.

I'm so glad Noah's ok!

Shalonne said...

I'm just curious - how come a sword is okay but not a gun? Wouldn't it be the killing that would be the issue and not the tool used? I think if I had a choice, I'd rather be killed by a gun than a sword - seems quicker - less chance for lingering pain. I'm sure I'm completely missing the point somewhere so figured I'd ask :)

With kids playing, I think I would actually prefer a toy gun to a toy sword because I think that real life hurts are less likely with the gun - those kids swinging the swords scare me! They don't have very good aim ;)

*just* said...

librarian: eek! Glad she's okay!!

Shalonne: good question. I think it might be that I'm more removed from swords (seem less dangerous because I'm not likely to see them used irl for their intended purpose) than guns. Also, I think killing with a sword is much more intentional whereas killing with a gun is so easy it can be (and seems like often is) accidental. That's my quick, not very thought through, response.