Friday, August 27, 2010

Dear Del 29 months

Dear Del-Del,
*drop jaw* You have become quite the conversationalist. Every month you talk more and more, that makes sense. This month though - all.month.long - we've been jaw-droppingly shocked to hear all of the things that you say. You talk about your day, what you ate, how many times you peed, that Blue (the cat) said "meow", etc. We also get requests for "2 more" with accompanying two fingers held up. When we say you've already had two more you ask for one instead with a hard-to-resist pouty lip.


You started at daycare two full days a week last week. It was very very hard for Mommy to leave but I don't think you know that. When I returned you asked about No-no and then ran over and wrapped your little body around mine and clung like you'd never let go. You told me "you go home" - I explained that I went to work. "You go work, I sad, I cie". Surely you wouldn't have told me that if you had known that I too cried - and probably longer and harder. It was so hard to leave you even though your teachers are saying that you are adjusting very well. On our second drop off - when you knew what to expect - you gave me a kiss goodbye and that was that. No tears, no clinging, nothing. You still told me that you were sad but I just tell you that I'm sad too but I'll be very happy to see you at the end of the day. I'm not sure if that's what I'm supposed to say but I do want you to know that you're not alone in your feelings and that they are okay to have. While at "school" you're a fan of a baby you've named "Emmie-Baby", the sand table, and play-dough.


While daycare seems to be consuming all of my emotional space there were several other fun things that happened this month. We spent the middle of the month in Vermont. Daddy and Mommy had a lot of things we wanted to accomplish while there (including putting in a large garden, 8 more fruit trees with the help of Uncle Evan, a cheese workshop, and a wedding, newborn, and senior on the photography side of things!). You and Noah spent a lot of time with Grammy or Auntie Chels and you both loved it! I think when we're farming full time we'll have to think on what tasks are kid appropriate. Both you and Noah did so well when you had a job to do (like moving twigs from the new garden path to a grassy bank) you both did well. Looking for worms to put in jelly jars was only entertaining for a couple hours and putting the garden took a couple of days to put in. It was a challenge to juggle kid-care with the tasks we felt compelled to complete in the short amount of time we were in Vermont. I'm excited to see how involved you and Noah will be once we've more conciously worked through your roles on the farm. I know you both will be excellent egg collecters - you love "check eggs!" now so imagine when there are several dozen more chickens! You both also love planting seeds and harvesting produce. I think you'll be excited about pigs, beeswax projects, and more. And that's right now - at 2! It will get more and more a joint effort of all of us as we get adjusted and you and Noah become more and more responisble.
This is so typical your mother - to go off on future oriented ideas rather than relishing in the moment. So back to the adventures of this month...


You and Noah are a team. Yeah, when he has same-age or older peers around he's more likely to run off with them then stick around and play at your pace but he's also quick to check in and make sure he knows where you are. You both are quick to repeat the other. Poobah calls you two "Peat-and-Repeat"... Grampy calls you two "twins.

You love being with each other and you both spend time copying the other's antics - especially if those antics got a positive reaction from anyone else in the room. If there's something you can't do Noah asks us to help you. If there's something he can't do you remind him that he's "too big, No-no". You're both also very interested in hamming it up for the other. I frequently hear: "watch dis No-no" and minutes later: "Del! Watch this!" ... and I hear Noah whipsering to you (especially at bedtime) to get you to do something he knows you shouldn't do. We try not to chuckle at his antics and your blind willingness to comply with his suggestions.


You re-discovered Bert while we were in Vermont. We left it last time accidentally and you were so very very enamored at the sight of him. You carried him with you everywhere, insisted he needed bum wipes, told us he was already dressed in the morning, and you were oh-so-careful to keep him clean when Mommy finally consented to you being able to bring him outside. Soon after we arrived home he was abandoned for "Baby". Baby was in favor for about a week and now you're back to no special thing to carry around. You were asking to go home while we were in Vermont and Mommy and Daddy weren't around much so I'm wondering if Bert helped you through and once we were back home in our regular routine you are good having your bed back to yourself at night.


I love you Baby forever and ever. Keep squeezing when you hug and the adorable "I wub you do, Momma" won't get old ever.

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