Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dear Del 28 mos

Dear Big Girl,
Apparently I'm not calling you "baby" much any more (a good thing, I think). When you and Noah were riding in a cart at the hardware store you were standing in the cart so I said: "sit down, Baby" and you pointed to yourself and said: "baby? me? Baby, sit?" Then you wanted us to play this game we'd played the night before where I rocked you back and forth like a baby.
And you ARE doing super big kid stuff. A couple of nights ago Daddy heard you up around 5am peeing in what you call the baby potty. We cleaned out the diaper buckets for the last time a couple weeks ago and the diapers are stacked ready for a new home. You're in disposables at night but I think they are still wet more than dry in the morning so even though YOU often
feel confident in your ability to keep a diaper dry at night... or you just don't want to put a diaper on because your brother isn't.


I think you might be part oldest child. You are adamant that you do what Noah does. You surprise me daily when you are willing to forgo following Noah's lead when I offer a simple explanation (it's his turn right now, his legs are longer so he can..., when you are taller you'll be able to reach that, etc). I hate feeling like I'm holding you back but experience has taught us that sometimes you really aren't tall enough to reach the monkey bars at the playground even when we're holding you up to them. To be fair he also is told he's too big for certain things when he's wanting to follow your lead (swinging in the "baby swings", for example). You're often concerned about who is doing what: "Dada? Mama? No-no? Me?" When we're not responding quick enough to meet Noah's requests you attempt to help him yourself - even if that just means repeating the request to be sure we've heard it. You'r also concerned about everyone's emotional welfare and when you inflict the hurt (hitting, pinching) you repeat: "otay? otay?" until the person confirms that yes, they are in fact okay.


We have had two beach trips this month! You always ask if Nina will be there because she went with us on our first beach trip of the year. But no, these were both with playgroup friends. The first time you refused to go in to the crashing waves. To be fair, they were bigger than I realized when I walked you in and the undertow made it tricky to get back out. When we brought you to the sandy pond (much more shallow, no waves, warm) you were all about it. You hung out with Dad for a while and he told you to show me your trick. It took some time for you to process his request and by the time you showed me he'd moved on. You sat in the water... with water up to right below your eyes. I pulled you out, surprised at your calm of having all breathing aparatus submerged. You then said: "knees, knees" patting your knees and kneeled in the water - allowing your chin to be above water. The overall consensus is that you LOVE the beach!


And you! Miss chatty chatty! It's me, I know. The talking thing. There's no question where that comes from. And the things you say, the stories you share, ("pooper ad, cye, pooper mama do this" show hugging motion "I do"- interpretation: "Cooper was sad, he cried, Cooper's mom gave him a hug... I too"), the silliness of it all. You still love playing peek-a-boo. You regularly say: I wub oo, do (I love you too). And with all your words and all your big grown up things the screaming is still an unwelcome companion. So frustrating for me and you to have everything copasetic and then you y-e-l-l "MAMA!!" in an angry tone. Instead of following your lead (after all, who is the two year old?) with a "WHAAATTT?!" I'm trying to remind you of words you can use to tell me what you need. Sometimes I have n.o i.d.e.a because content to angry in seemingly no time gives me no clues - but we're working on it.


You're still my super snuggly, affectionate, compassionate baby. I love you so much and love our adventures. It's interesting to see what makes you nervous (the big dogs at the farm that cause you to ask to be picked up as soon as we pull into the 1/4mile drive) and the things that don't (the crabs and jellyfish in the salt pond).

I love that you are you!

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