Sunday, April 11, 2010

On teaching part I

The Background Story
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I used to pretend I was teaching an imaginary class on our enclosed front porch in Syracuse.
I did.
I wrote up class rosters and relished calling on different students to read aloud.
I wrote up pretend quizzes and graded different student's responses. Some students I praised, some I scolded.
In upper elementary school I tutored younger students.
In college something happened where I didn't know if teaching was really for me.
So journalism+psychology...
Sure, I took an ed class
it counted as a liberal arts requirement.
Did I love it?
But I didn't go to college to major in education.
I was majoring in journalism (emphasis on photography) (psychology was thrown in the mix when journalism was not keeping me busy enough - or I just wasn't interested in it enough to put more time in to it).
In the ed class - "Schools and Society" the professor was shocked I wasn't an ed major and tried (with no success) to convince me that I was wasting my talent if I opted not to switch to an ed major.
I opted to stick with what I had set out to major in: journalism.
but post graduation that major wasn't doing it for me.
So master's degree.
In elementary education.
And elementary special ed as frosting on the cake.
I'm very very good at what I do.
Or so they say.
Really, for me - it's just fun.
It's fun to figure out how to light the fire in each kid so they are motivated to learn.
That's fun
and yet...
Part II to follow...

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