Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Goodbye Picky

BEP Easter bench

When I went to find eggs today there was one egg and one dead chicken.
We can't figure out what happened to her. We took this picture on Sunday. I wanted all three on the bench but that wasn't happening. Picky just happened to be the cooperative chicken. She was a great layer, sad to lose her.
We're not going to eat her because we don't know what the cause of death was. Ren Man saw the bird earlier in the day...
We don't know. She hasn't laid for the last couple days which was weird, but not too out of the ordinary.
So we're going to have Blue (the cat) eat the chicken. Josh de-feathered it for the compost. I made a comment about the fact that Blue might get sick from eating the chicken (if she was sick?). So Ark Boy said: "and when Blue gets sick and dies...?" I quickly informed him that we would simply bury the cat, we don't eat cats.... while trying not to snicker at his question.

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Femefatal7 said...

maybe picky died while pushing out the egg...that's almost heroic if you think about it.