Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dear Noah 43 Months

Dear Noah,
Okay, seriously. It's crazy. Your height, your talking, your negotiating. All of it! Crazy.
The other day I looked over my book to see if you were standing on something- surely you couldn't be that tall. But you were! See, crazy! And it's tricky. You may have a 5+year old body but you're still just 3.5 and you love to be carried, especially when you're tired or sick (sick has been your middle name for most of the month!). It's really tough to carry around this mammoth pre-schooler. Really tough. But I try to remember that you won't be asking to be carried much longer (I think) and soon (too soon) you'll be lifting me up, just to prove you can. We talk about this.
How you'll be taller than Mommy and Daddy and you ask why you got bigger first. I think you think Del and you have always been a pair- there was no pre-Del time in your mind.
You talk.
I'm not complaining, really.
It's refreshing to hear what's inside of that head and it's hilarious what you come out with. You recently asked if everyone has a tongue. Then why? Why do we have tongues? Earlier you asked why animals don't have thumbs.
You will ask for something, not so nicely. Then ask louder, if I'm not responding as quickly as you'd like. If I tell you no for whatever reason you say: "but I want/need it because..." and your reasons are always sensible and you usually get what you've asked for. Negotiating works. Demanding, yelling, crying doesn't usually.


Lately when you ask a question you repeat whatever the answer is. So if you say: "why are we...?" and I am in a hurry and answer: "Because" you'll say: "Ohhhh, because... okay!" and that's that. I recently realized I often respond the same way when someone answers my question. I'm not sure if you got it from me or I got it from you. The point is you're asking "why" a lot more.


You're still super independent and you love to get Del in on your games. Whatever you're doing you call it a game. You run from one end of the house to the other, Del following behind, and you both laugh hysterically and say it's the "running game". You are always telling Del to follow you as you go do whatever it is you want to do. Usually she tags along. If she's not interested you get a loud "MEAH" (translation: "No!")

You mimic now. Del taught you how. And it's not just Mommy (you insist on checking your emails and taking pictures with the big expensive camera) or Daddy (you want to help wash the dishes and use a hanky), it's also Del. She started this silly thing where she tickles her underarms when she doesn't have a shirt on. She says her version of "tickletickle" and giggles and giggles. As soon as she starts... you start too. Most of the time this is entertaining for Daddy and me. Sometimes it bites me in the butt. I laughed earlier at Del throwing something... so then you threw the same object and it wasn't so funny. Sorry about that.


You have your Daddy in you so much. The doll house oven door doesn't stay shut. You kept shutting it and it kept falling open. After thinking this over for a couple of seconds you pushed the doll house sandbox up against the door to keep it shut.

This morning you asked why the water goes down the sink drain. I explained that the sink slopes towards the drain. Before I was done with my explanation you had the cabinet opened and you were peering at the pipes under the sink trying to figure it all out. Daddy told me later that you were recently upset with the new play kitchen you and Del have because the "water" from that sink would "drain" into the "fridge".
Oh the thinking that you do!


You're not really a people person- at least not a stranger person. If someone even looks like maybe they might think about looking at you (aka anyone within eyesight) that you don't know, you snuggle your face right into a familiar leg until the person passes by. Most people expect a conversation from you (remember, you look like you're 5+) and while they are busy trying to engage you Del is busy waving and saying "hi" to them. They usually miss that. As soon as you two figure out how to get her to divert the stranger's attention you'll be all set. She'll get to say "hi" and you won't have to.

Well, this may be the longest letter yet! So much to say! I thought the growing and changing would slow down. There wouldn't be so much to say every month... but it hasn't happened yet. I didn't even talk about the sickness that led to coughing-til-you-puke, or Mommy working much more regularly, or how school is going....

You're a busy kid!
Love you Baby,

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I love the pictures you post to accent the update. I can't wait to see snow pictures!