Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear Del 21 Months

Dear Del Del,
You are charming the pants off of everyone you meet. People keep telling me how lucky I am to have to laid back kids. I never thought I'd think it but yeah... I'm starting to agree. There are days when I feel like I haven't seen you or your brother all day (sorry about that!) and I realize it's because the two of you hung out and played fairly peacefully all day needing minimal mommy/daddy interferance.
Anyway, about the charm. You are free with your hugs and kisses and it melts every heart. You're willing to be held by pretty much anyone after you get to know them a little while.
You love cars. You push them along the floor, walk behind bigger cars/trucks leaning over pushing them, or attempt to ride on anything that you can possibly fit your diaper butt on and scoot along the floor with. Wheels- that's what it's really about. You'll push around a stroller, a grocery cart, a push toy... the laundry basket, the 8gallon garbage pail we use for recycling, your brother...
You also hug anything soft...including that brother of yours. You ask where "No-no" is whenever you can't find him. When you haven't seen him for a while you're quick to give him a hug hello.
You're still into repeating what we say and we love it. It's usually w-a-y off base but it's cute all the same.


Your communication skills are super impressive. You can tell me all kinds of things. I can infer, honest. But you point/sign/say/act out until I say every part of the story you want me to say. If you're trying to tell us something and we're not watching you you'll simply place a hand on our opposite cheek and turn our face to you. Problem solved.
If someone gets hurt you'll cry for them too. The other day Noah did a very ouch-y header on the hard wood floor and cried and cried. You started crying noises, then walked up to him, headbanged him, pointed to the floor, and started crying again. Thanks, because we missed it the first time. When YOU get hurt you've started pointing to the hurt spot and making a kiss noise until the kiss has been planted effectively.


Everyone keeps telling us that you are so cute. We think so too but we're the biased parents. Here's the thing- you keep getting more adorable. I really could eat you up. Your giggle, your babbling, your funny run... yes, cuteness, runny nose and all.
It might help that you are very in to your "thank you" sign. In fact, you were recently teaching the kitten at the house we are house sitting at to say thank you. You give her a toy you think she might like and then sign "thank you" at her over and over.


Your second Christmas was very fun. You were excited until the gift of choice was opened (you love the doll I made you, thank you!) and then you refuse to open any other gifts. Noah was happy to help you finish. I was a little embarrassed (not sure if that's the right word to use) that when you'd finished opening the gifts at our house you spent a good 15 minutes carrying around your baby and sweeping with the new broom you and Noah got. Hmmm, and we thought we were not being so stereotypical. Well, we're not. I'm not sure if you've ever seen me sweep... maybe I shouldn't admit that.
We had 5 Christmases in 3 days and you even got to see both sets of Grandparents at the same time on Christmas day. That's pretty awesome and I'm so thankful that it happened.


I hear you climbing up the stairs saying "momma, dada, nina, poobah, mimi (grammy)," in a high pitched voice over and over. Love it.
Love you,

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Femefatal7 said...

she really is charming the pants off of everyone she meets. Clearly gets that from me :)