Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dear Del 20 months

Dear Del-Del,
Daddy reminded me the other night when I was feeling burnt out on nursing that it's only 4 more months until you are 2!! I love having two "older" kids. I feel like every month gets better and better. I miss your tiny feet (not so tiny anymore), your gummy smile, your tiny outfits- but I wouldn't trade the 20month you for the younger you ever! I think I might feel that way every month. I just love you more and more and more!

There are things that I haven't given you because Noah never showed interest. Things like playdough and crayons. We had some art supplies that Noah was never interested in and you found them. You now go to the notepad and colored pencils left in the corner of the kitchen and entertain yourself by drawing away. It amazes me just because it's so different from your brother. If you find a pencil you insist on having "papah!" and then start a scribbling frenzy.

You're talking more and more and will repeat what we ask you to say. If you can't say whatever word we're asking of you then it just comes out as "mama". You say Nina, Poobah (they usually have to go together), Tante A, Uncle Josh, Ugug, Grammy, Grampy, socks (very important wardrobe item, as far as your concerned), no (comes out more like mow!), milk, chicken (that was probably your first word- hehe), and more! I can't wait to hear sentences. As it is you continue to communicate well without verbal words. You often want to tell me all about your day. You will sign "diaper", "daddy", and point to the bed. I say: "Did Daddy change you on the bed?" and you nod emphatically. Really, you still nod whenever in doubt so I'm assuming you are really in agreement but who knows. Yesterday you told me that you played with a ball with Nina and Tante A and Poobah was here too (he wasn't). When I asked Daddy he said that you talked about Poobah a lot so maybe you were just telling me that he came up in conversation a lot. I don't know.

You are very proud of a new skill and insist on taking advantage of said skill whenever the opportunity arises. I'm proud of you but it's also a little frustrating for your impatient momma. You love holding the stair banister and walking down the stairs by yourself. Unfortunately you can't reach the first banister- but you don't seem to know that. You get very frustrated when I carry you to the banister you can reach. This skill does require mommy to hold your other hand as you walk very proudly down the stairs- thus mommy's frustration.

Just last night I left you with a clean diaper and no pants on the bed while I went to take care of a dirty diaper. When I came back I was shocked to see you standing on the bed, pulling up your pants. So you'd found your pants, managed to get them on your legs, and was just struggling with the diaper butt. Wow. Grow, grow, grow baby!

It's so fun to see you and Noah play together. You have both learned that you can trade a toy for the toy you really want in your sibling's hand. It's hard when the sibling doesn't agree to the trade but that doesn't often happen. You often insist on keeping something. You play with it for a few minutes and then bring it to your brother. So I'm guessing you're seeing that he's upset and then deciding to share with him. I appreciate that.

You two are both super in to whatever mommy and daddy are in to. You love helping sweep, cook, gather the chickens, go in the car, go grocery shopping, the the library, to the playground. You love love love swinging! You also love copying whatever Noah is doing.

Thanksgiving was fun at Nina and Poobah's this year. I'm excited to see how you are at Christmas!

Love you girlie,

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