Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dear Noah 41 months

Dear Noah Noah,
Wow! This month has been busy and you've grown so much! Maybe it's just in my head but I keep looking at you feeling shocked that you are my kid. Kid??! When did you seriously morph from toddler to kid. I know, I know- I missed the boat somewhere because really you've been a kid for a while but... I don't know. You just seem huge to me this month. You're tall, you're confident, you're articulate... and the we started preschool.

It's going well... Not as I expected exactly but it could be worse, I know. You are so excited about the idea of going to school- it's been hotly anticipated ALL summer! But the Mommy leaving part is not okay in your world. This, I did not expect. On school mornings (you go twice a week) you are very very excited about getting up and getting ready to go... until we're actually walking out the door. Then you start panicking about me leaving. We talk it through and say you can decide if you want me to leave right away or wait until after you sing songs in group time. You are still sad but we make it to school and you see... Gave!! (aka Gabe). You prance around and can hardly focus in washing your hands (as in you manage to get them wet, get soap on them... and then dry them skipping the rinse step) because you are in such a hurry to get to the playing part. As you race off to do what you want to do you stop quick, turn your head in my direction and yell: "Don't leave!!" So excited, but Mommy needs to be reachable. Each school day transition is easier and easier and if you didn't beg to stay when it was time to go home we might take your protests seriously:)

You love love our chickens and have started doing some of the chicken chores from time to time. You can let them out of their run at night and you love collecting their eggs (we've had 4 so far- one broke when you gave Del a turn to hold it when Mommy insisted that you share- oops!). You also love chasing the girls around and talking about if they're big now or not. We kept telling you they'd lay eggs when they were big and now they are laying eggs so you're trying to decide if they got bigger.

We also squeezed in a quick trip to the cape with our awesome friends, Mike, Kate, Emmie, and Chase. You still insist that we go back to the Cape and whenever we are going to visit Emmie you ask if we're going to "their" Cape house or their regular house. After a quick Cape visit we left for a trip to Vermont where Mommy did a whirlwind photo weekend and you hung out with Grammy and have been begging to go back to Vermont ever since. You even started calling it Vermont this month (instead of Mabel- that cat-'s house). And then you also spent several Saturdays with Nina-Poobah at "Molly's (the dog) house" also known as "the other brown house". You're a busy kid, to say the least, with a full full schedule!
Good thing you've kissed naps goodbye or how would you fit it all in?!

I love you more and more (and it amazes me that the love grows bigger when I always feel so full of love for you... and then there's more!),

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