Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dear Del 19 months

Seriously Del!
19 months. Okay, this really creeped up on me. You are closer to two than one! I guess that's not too too surprising- the things you do now compared to six months ago... Yeah, this whole changing and growing thing- it's awesome, but also a little crazy.
You wow me every day. I've decided that from now on we should only have kids starting at 18months. I love how communicative you are and "hearing" (usually it's more like watching you sign) the things going on in your head. Often you point to an item of clothing you are wearing (shoes, socks, shirt, blanket) and then point to my matching item of clothing, and then yours and then mine and then yours.... grunting and pointing until I afirm each thing you're pointing to. If there are other people in the room you will be sure to include them in your circuit.

Your verbal vocab is pretty small but it's funny to hear the things you do say like... chicken. I don't know, but I'm thinking most kids don't have "chicken" in their list of 5 words they say. While we have a while before your verbal dialog comes full force, your comprehension is crazy. I can ask you to go and do a couple things and... you'll do them! Throw a tissue in the compost bucket, get your shoes, find a toy... It's not a full proof system. I know this because you are agreeable... too agreeable. If in doubt you nod "yes" to any question asked. This has lead to several conversations like this:
Noah (in a high pitched voice): Del, can I kick you in the belly?"
Del: (nod!)
Noah: She said I can kick her in the belly!
and then he moves to carry out the action. I try to explain that you'll say "yes" to anything by asking other crazy questions: do you want to eat dirt? did the chickens go to the moon today? did you drive the car to vegas? Yes, yes, and yes.

The mimicking thing continues to entertain. You are not too interested in hearing me read a story but you will go find a book of your own while I'm reading to Noah. You then proceed to babble in a high pitched voice (we honestly don't talk in a high pitched voices... I don't think ever) as you look at the pictures and turn pages. Whatever Noah does, you will attempt. He jumps on the chair, you "jump" (raise your upper body up and down) on the couch; he laughs, you sign silly; he runs around the table, you spin circles in one place; he has a toy, you want THAT toy (this works vice-versa too). I love seeing your relationship with him develop. If you're still in your bed with him in the morning he will get in your face when he wakes up and laugh until you wake up and laugh back at him. You often rub his back or hair (whatever Momma is rubbing) when he's sad or has been hurt. You will chase him around making kissing noises while you attempt to land one on him... his sock, his knee, his hand... you don't care where- you just want to give the boy a kiss!
Sometimes this mimickry thing can be a problem; like when I'm trying to change your diaper on the floor and as I squat their getting a new diaper I find that you're squatting in front of me.
When another kid cries you often make the same noise and point to them... they think YOU'RE upset so they cry even harder.

You are still definitely a badge wearing momma's girl. I guess it's fair because Noah has spent the majority of his life as the biggest daddy fan. You want to do whatever Momma is doing (gel in your hair in the morning, sitting on the little potty when Momma is peeing, talking on the phone...) and you give me the biggest surprised look when you see me after we've been apart for a couple hours. You love... I was going to say snuggling but not a lot of snuggling exclusively happens- there is always milk involved. You've warmed up to Da- as you call him- a lot this month and have surprised me a couple times when you reach for him when you're upset. Time will tell if the tide is turning.

You love other kids, especially babies. Recently you've insisted on holding a couple babies at playgroup. You sit with one in your lap for a while and then indicate you're done. Then stay seated and point and grunt at the next baby you're wanting to hold. You like pointing at their eyes, and then your eyes; their hair, and then your hair, etc. It's very sweet. I have been telling people that before having kids I would not want to say there is a difference between boys and girls. I'm so very proud when a stranger isn't sure which gender you or Noah are but personality/social interaction-wise there is such a difference between you (like you wanting to hold babies... although Noah was pretty into you for about a day after you were born...). You love playing with the one doll we have but you also will yell at Noah to give up the car he has so you can play with it (sound effects included), make airplane noises while getting a ride on Daddy's feet, and get dirty in the sandbox. A healthy mix.
I love you love you!

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