Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear Del 18 mos!!!

Dear Baby Girl,
Wow! 18 months!! You amaze me daily. We are constantly blown away by how well you communicate (with only a few verbal words) and how much you understand. You often "tell" me something that happened a couple minutes before. For example, you'll sign diaper, sign daddy, and point upstairs. I say: "Did Daddy change your diaper upstairs?" and you nod emphatically. Very impressive, my girl!

We had so much fun this month. We had awesome playgroup meetings at the park, a really fun couple days with Mike, Kate, Emmie, and Chase at the cape, a weekend in Vermont... We've been busy! You! You are so smiley and wave and say "hi" to everyone. Complete strangers! You point, smile, tilt your head, wave like crazy, say "hi". It's funny seeing the reaction from the stranger.
I am often hearing that you are "so laid back!" and "such a good eater!" Let me tell you... I guess, I'm beginning to see your more easy going nature- maybe because you are more able to communicate your wants and needs? Your eating though?!?! Nope. Not giving you that one! Well... at the beginning of the month you would sign "eat" but really eat very little- as in- shake your head at whatever was offered. We realized about half way through the month that you have a food favorite that lasts about 48 hours and then is gone until we stumble on your next food favorite. So in discussing this, I think you overheard us, and your eating improved. You still have crazy preferences (last week you ate about 17 slices of watermelon in one sitting) but you're also branching into the crazy world of eating more than one type of food on any given day.

You are still a very very big fan of Mommy... but over the last week or so you've been showing some serious interest in Daddy. It's very very cute. You know he is the one who feeds you so in the morning you often pop of the breast and sign "Daddy" and "eat". When you're sad or hurt you will ask for him- which impresses me greatly!

You're still super into mimicking. It's comical. I think what adds to the funniness (yes, new word- I think) is that you look so much like me- or so I'm told. I see that we look similar but sometimes it seems that people are shocked by how much we look alike. One time I was looking for something and said: "hmmm" while tapping my lips with my first finger. Now every time I ask you where something is you say: "hmmmm" and tap your lips.
You are super into your routines! But I shouldn't be surprised. I remember when you were a baby and would freak out in the wrap while we were taking a nap. It only took a couple attempted walks before I realized that you were not okay with being on a walk when it was time (according to you) to be home in bed napping. Well, you've become more flexible about your nap times/locations but certain things you get into your head.... You LOVE shoes but insist that only a couple pairs are acceptable for your footwear despite the basketful of shoes for you (thank you, hand-me-downs). When we even mention.... actually, I don't know what we mention- car, out, park, store... something that tips you off that we're going outside you frantically sign "shoes" and "car". If you're offered a non-preferred shoe choice you shake your head no, start saying "hmmm" and looking around, until you find the shoe of choice. Fortunatley, unlike your food preferences, your shoe preference is pretty constant so we can always nab a pair that we know will work. You seem to prefer sneakers. I thought crocs would be a hit because you loved putting on another boy's crocs at playgroup and the fact that YOU could put them on by yourself- yes!... but no. We bought a pair and have been give two other pairs... and no. So you have opinions. And articulate them. Not a bad thing. Actually rather helpful.

I often tell people that Noah was waaaay more laid back but he didn't communicate 1/10 of what you communicate. You have more definite ideas about life and that works out because you also have the ability to articulate those needs. I love spending time with you and getting to know you more and more each day!
I love you Baby,


librarian pirate said...

SO CUTE! I love reading your blog. (:

Femefatal7 said...

i love reading your blog too!! Write more!

*just* said...

I'll try. I'm a little photo obsessed and don't want this to be about that. I'm on the look out for entertaining Noah/Del stories to pass on.