Tuesday, September 1, 2009

doctor's visit

Farm Girl had a well child sick child check yesterday.
She had spots on her foot that suddenly appeared last Thursday.
We couldn't see where she would have gotten it from but isn't that how it used to be?
Weird that it started on her foot.
They were spreading
a little.
She also had this crazy fever that was unending.
John McGonigle (site coming soon) took one look and diagnosed the girl.



and mouth

He says sans fever she's no longer contagious.
Now we're fighting a cold.
Oh, and Ark Boy has spots on his legs... so presumably he has it too?
McGonigle said he's seen several cases (7 in the last couple weeks) of this recently.
Explains why she's been crazy grumpy pants who will not eat and only nurses.
In fact, when we weighed her the scale read
we didn't know it was that bad!!!
Then we rechecked

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