Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dear Del- 17mos

Dear Girly Girl (or Grilly Grill, as Noah says),
You are currently nursing snuggled in my lap where you have spent the last week. You've had this crazy unending fever- every day I think it's not as bad as the day before. In the meantime your snuggling and Mommy-only-loving and I'm feeling so very bad for you. Sometimes when I put you down you're all wobbly legged, so clearly week feeling. You haven't really been eating. Daddy says you look like you've lost weight. You have an appt with Dr. McGonigle on Monday so we'll see what he says.
At the very beginning of this month we took another trip to Vermont and you were more comfortable than ever with various family members in VT. Everyone always asks us if you're "always this easy". We laugh... maybe a little bitterly, I'll confess. But really, when I see you through other people's eyes you are pretty mellow- at least when we're out and about- which I'm thankful for.

You continue to amaze us with your communication. You're a little sad today because you really really want to put shoes on and go in the car. How do I know this? You sign "shoes" (not to be confused with "socks", or "more") and "help" and "car" (not to be confused with "bath" or "monkey"). When I ask if you want shoes you nod your enthusiastically. When I tell you we're not going in the car you cover your face with your hands and start crying. I'm guessing you sign around 20 words and even string two words together if need be. Yes, we're impressed! It makes things easier because we know what you want and thank goodness you have a way to tell us because when you want something... well, you want it! Mostly you just want to be with Mommy.
You've also started verbalizing more (Ma, Da, ball, up, ahhh,uh-oh, elp(help),.... that's all I can think of right now). We're enjoying this time as you transform from non-verbal to verbal. You also babble (or maybe it's jabber, or something else- anyway, make noise that imitates talking) and it is very cute. You enjoy "talking" on the phone (aka remote, book, cellphone, stuffed animal, etc). Maybe you've seen someone else talk on the phone a lot? Speaking of imitating! My goodness- you are the master imitator! You crack us up. The other day Daddy was thinking and said "hmmm" while tapping his index finger to his lips. I hear you say "hmmm" and glance over and you're tapping your thumb to your lips. So funny! You do things like that all the time!

You also have very specific ways in which you believe the world should work. If I change your diaper and you have bottoms on they MUST come off before taking off your diaper. When we go out you insist on wearing a specific pair of sandals despite the embarrassingly large number of shoes you have- including a new pair that we bought because I reasoned that you would enjoy having the ability to put them on your feet by yourself (which you had already demonstrated after stealing a playgroup friends shoes in the same style). Alas, you insist on the sandals. I'm not sure what we'll do when winter comes.
In the same way, embarrassingly, if you're looking for me and can't find me you cry and cry and wonder immediately to where the computer is... hmmm... trying to tell me something?

This month the other big change is that we packed away the crib. You now share a full size bed with Noah. We reasoned that you both enjoy sleeping with us... maybe it's just another warm body in the bed you want. Time will tell. In the change though we painted your room! I love love the color it brings to the all white walls of our house!

I love you love you love you. Thank you for all the hugs and kisses you freely give. Hope you feel better soon!

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Femefatal7 said...

hmm she also frantically spells 'mom' whenever she realizes you are not in the room.