Monday, September 7, 2009

Dear Noah- 40 months

Dear Noah,
Wow- you are so a different child than you were last night(how you distinguish any time that is before the present moment) last month. You are talking soooo much: explaining why you are doing something, telling me what you plan to do next, or telling me about something you did "last night". It's so interesting having a little bit more of an inside view of your thoughts.
You are exercising those reasoning skills every chance you get. So when you ask for something and I say "no" you respond with: "Oh! But I want to...." It's hard not to giggle every time you respond that way. I don't know- it's funny. As if that is all the explanation needed to change my mind.
This month you tried lobster for the first time. You are beyond impressed. (as a side note: someone recently told me that they mate for life... if that's true- that might be your last lobster experience for a good long while) It was super delicious but to be fair- anything you can soak in tubs of butter before gobbling it up has only one possible outcome: delicious!

You're starting preschool in just a few short days. I'm curious to see how you- and we adjust. I don't think I'm emotional about you going, just curious to see how our schedule/routine adjusts and what new habits/behaviors/etc. you encounter and then adopt as your own. You are super into mimicking everybody (to the annoyance of more than one 4 year old). It's fun to see you run around with other kids and watch you interact- I've been so surprised on more than one occasion at how you've articulated your wants/needs to other children and how they've responded to your requests/demands.
When you're in another room you will from time to time yell out: "uhhh! don't come in the (whatever room you're in). I just want to be in here by myself!" then we know there's trouble. If we ask what you're doing in said room you happily tell us ("I'm dripping water on the floor, I'm painting, etc.).
You often want something "mine, all by myself!" whether it's a toy, the blue slide at the park, or Mommy.
You are a very big fan of Uncle Josh:
Mommy: Noah, I love you.
Nina: I love you, and Poobah loves you too.
Nina: Who do you love?
Noah: I love Uncle Josh.

You and Del are interacting more and more- sometimes you're doing something she doesn't want (and she screams to let you know) mostly you play well together- sharing toys, giving hugs, and encouraging Del to play with you. If you're needing a break and we're going to the break spot you often yell out: "I want to be with her! I want to be with Del!" I don't think it's really about Del but I think it's cute that she is your rescue plan.
Can't wait to see what next month brings- a month into preschool!
I love you baby,

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