Friday, May 8, 2009

Dear Noah- 36 months

Dear Noah-Noah,
Wow! Three years old! All day I was thinking about how much we've done since three years ago when you and I were snuggling for the first time. I'm overwhelmed by the list running through my head! You are still soooo cute. When I ask you if you know you're too cute you say: "uuuuhhhh, yep! I do!"
Just recently you started calling everyone "buddy" as in: "What are you doing buddy? What's this buddy?" etc. etc. It's so funny. I have to assume I say it too because lately I've been realizing that the funny things you say are coming directly from us (more me, I think- only because I talk more than Daddy). You will often say: "Look! I will show you"... that's a funny little phrase.... and then I noticed that I say that to you. "You wait here, I'll be right back" is another one- you use it right before you go to the potty by yourself. You've started using more "please" and "thank you" type words. More than once you've said "excuse me" and I have no idea why. So I'll say: "did you burp?" and you say: "yes, I did." I even heard you telling Del: "That's right buddy! It's a dog!" after she signed dog. I still don't know why I'm now called "Muzzer" but we'll go with it...
This month we got baby chickens and you are very very gentle with them. This, I think, has helped you learn how to be gentle with Bixbee. Last night we were gently and slowly petting Bixbee and you said: "Look! he has black feathers!"... so I think the chickens have been a bigger influence than I thought. You tell everyone that the brown ones are going to grow up to be red and the yellow ones are going to grow up to be white and when they are all grown up they will say: "bok-a-bok-a-bok".
We had your first most-birthday-like celebration yet. Nina-Poobah (as they are called by you when talking about both of them), Grammie, Uncle Shawn, Tant A, Uncle Josh, Auntie Chelse, Kate, Mike (who you haven't seen in a long time because "maybe sometimes he's at work", Emmie, and Chase all came to share a pizza, a Grammie made cow cake, and ice cream.

thanks Mike for the picture-taking!

Everyone was following you around with the lens of their cameras after you took some of your gifts outside to play with. You're not a fan of having your picture taken so you kept hiding....

This month you've shown once again that you love to help with tasks that are authentic. You spent a long weekend at Nina-Poobah's and they said that you spent all day bringing compost down the driveway to the flower bed at the bottom of the long, steep driveway. It's very fun to be able to include you in more and more.
We love you buddy,


The Weigands said...

Wow! Awesome cake!

*just* said...

Thanks- it's all Josh's mom! She made our wedding cake too- she's good.