Sunday, May 3, 2009

and the busy goes on...

I know blogging has been sparse.
Remember that day last week... Tuesday? that was so hot?
Ark Boy found a catepillar.

He wanted to watch it turn into a butterfly... immediately.

He ran outside the next day to find the catepillar where he had left it...
Fortunately he's a pretty easy going kid and was not too bothered to learn that catepilars don't tend to stay put.

We've been clearing the ouchy holly trees, celebrated Ark Boy's third birthday, had a visit from 1/2 of Ren Man's family, and have started raising chicks:)
We're having a hard time staying put with the warm weather instead of running off to a farm somewhere...
Only a couple more years (hopefully) of school to go.
In the mean time:
we joined a CSA this year
the strawberry plants are growing well
we plan to plant corn in 1/2 the front yard
and wild flowers on the other 1/2
build a coop
and free range our chicks (as much as one can in a suburban back yard)

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Femefatal7 said...

omg that kid is so freakin cute and really funny! It's so nice to have those moments...even if vicariously through a blog entry