Monday, February 16, 2009

V-day weekend

My sister came down for two nights this weekend!
This was the first time Ark Boy was REALLY into someone.
He followed her around everywhere and was constantly asking: "what am I doing?" because he wanted her to ask: "what are you doing?"
She didn't know that.
So she would answer his question
and he would ask the question again because she wasn't doing what he wanted.
And she'd answer again.
So he'd ask again.
She was getting frustrated.
He was being patient (sometimes adults are a little slow, you know).
He wanted to go with her into the bathroom.
She was not okay with that.
So he promised to wait outside the door for her.
He also promised not to make it dark for her (the light switch is on the outside of the bathroom.

We also had college friends come visit.
I happened to see on facebook that they were planning to be in the area this weekend so I sent them a message to say we'd love to see them if they had time.
It was very cool that they did make time for us!
We hadn't seen them since their wedding a couple years ago so it was very fun to catch up over Ren Man's pizza and some floor time for their baby.

Soon after they left my parents arrived!
I know, busy day.
Ark Boy was very excited.
He saw them pull up while bouncing on the couch.
*bounce* *bounce* "Nina is here.... Nina is here" *bounce* *bounce*
"POOBAH IS HERE!" *leap off couch and run for door*
We hadn't seen my parents for *gasp* a whole week- so it was fun to see them again.
And we're seeing them next weekend too! That will be four weekends in a row!

As my parents were on their way home they saw that the local cheap seats is showing Twilight.
My sister had already seen it but loves it and was up for another viewing.
Ren Man had little to no interest (more no than little).
So off we went for the 9:20 showing.
I'm glad I saw it but umm...
disappointment is a little bit of an understatement.
They did so many things w.r.o.n.g and the acting.... horrendous!
I want to see future Twilight series movies just out of curiousity and I'm hoping the acting improves with practice.
We came to the conclusion (again) that one should see movies first then read the book.
The book is never a disappointment in comparison.
The book nicely fills in details.
It does however mean that you will not have unbiased perspective as far as the way things look (Edward and Bella and the bad vampire, what's his name? look nothing like what I expected, for instance. And the Cullen home is all off. And the school... okay, I'll stop).

Sunday Farm Girl and I went to NH for a very good friend's baby shower (for more pictures from that you can check out the Brown Eyed blog).
Everyone was asking how old he was.
here's what she was wearing (sitting on the great-grandmother-to-be lap).

And the mom-to-be opening gifts.

It was sooo great to see her.
She's another college friend so it was catch up central all weekend.
The only "inconvenient" thing is that these other people were at the shower.
Didn't they know that I really just wanted to hang out with Dani?
Just inspired me to make an effort to see her again soon.

My sister brought us yummy Champlain Chocolate Valentine's chocolates.
I meant to take a picture before they were gone but...
and no one is to blame but myself.
Oh well.
Just means we have to get chocolates next year, right?
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librarian pirate said...

Your sister looks just like you. Well, not just, but so close it's scary!

I am very jealous that you got to see all our college friends! One of the things that makes me saddest is how I haven't taken the time to keep up with most of the college gang. I'm even worse with the high school gang! Mom-to-be looks like she's absolutely glowing. I am going to have to make her something before that baby comes - when is she due? Or I could just facebook stalk her to find out! (:

Femefatal7 said...

i'm sorry but i'm just not okay with big boy noah being in the bathroom when i pee!