Thursday, February 12, 2009

Farm Girl does what?

The girl changes constantly.
To be fair- so does Ark Boy.
It's mind boggling.
But let's talk about Farm Girl.
From time to time she fusses (usually when I zoom past her on an important errand like.... checking my email, or grabbing breakfast, or picking toys up) to indicate that she wants me (I assume any adult would do, I just happen to be the one in hearing range).
Do you remember a couple weeks back when I said I found her on the first stair on the way up?
She's really good about stairs, the edge of the bed... she peaks over and then plops back down on her bum. The only danger comes when she has her back to the edge and doesn't realize that when she plops onto her bum... well there will be no plopping because there is no bed/floor behind her.

Sit down to breakfast with not so yummy oatmeal )but trying to avoid commercial cereal and too lazy to make eggs).
It's possible to ignore what you're eating when you read.
So I read.
Vaguely register that Farm Girl is fussing. Glance to stairs (foot of stairs are around corner- often she sits at the bottom fussing for someone who is at the top).
Remember that she has made it up on to the first step, got stuck, and fussed.
Wander over to stairs.
She's not at the bottom of the stairs.
She's 4 stairs up and I watch as she fusses and climbs to the fifth.
Time for the baby gate at the bottom?

We've been asking Farm Girl to sign various things (mostly Mommy and Daddy).
Sometimes she obliges.
Yesterday she seemed to do Mommy by smacking the side of her forehead and Daddy by pointing to the same place where she signed Mommy (see the actual signs here).
This morning Ren Man passed Farm Girl to me and she said: "da-da" and did her Daddy sign. We laughed and she fell back into Ren Man's arms.

In case you think we're completely bias here's something to kind of even things out.
Last night Ren Man and I were reviewing a marketing card that I was thinking about having printed up. I vaguely hear Ark Boy say: "Del is cat food!" Somewhere in my brain I think it's funny that he would call her that. As realization hits Ren Man is already rushing to the kitchen saying: "Thank you for telling us, Noah. Del! Yucky! We don't eat cat food!"
And not dry cat food.... oh no.
Thankful that we have a basement to put the litter box (unlike when Ark Boy was Farm Girl's age....).
All I'm saying is
it could be worse.


librarian pirate said...

Kaylee tried to grab things out of the litter box a couple of times ... and she completely didn't understand why her parents freaked out. EEEEWWW

Femefatal7 said...

the kids are hilarious!!! although i swear if arkboy asks one more question i'm going to legit freak out.