Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How a woman works

Started charting after Ark Boy was born.
Had no knowledge of charting before he was born.
Found it fairly empowering.
Amazing to know your body so well.
Didn't use it long because became pregnant soon after I started charting.
Started charting again this month.
Wondering what charting is?
A quick explanation:
A way to track your fertility.
Your cervical fluid, temperature, and cervix change throughout your cycle depending on where you are in your cycle.
Your morning temperature (taken by mouth) tends to be low-ish in the morning pre-ovulation.
Once ovulation has happened it increases and stays elevated until the cycle is over.
If it stays up past the estimated time of the end of your cylce then you are pregnant.
If someone comments asking for more detailed explanation I'm happy to give a lengthier explanation or you can check out the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler.
end of explanation.
Throughout the month I've been amazed at how consistent my temps have been pre-ovulation.
Then through cervical fluid awareness I knew that my temp should be rising soon.
It did.
And then I was amazed when my temp was fairly consistent in the high temp range.
There has been one drop that I couldn't explain half way through what should have been approximately two weeks of higher temps.
This morning it dropped again.
I was so annoyed.
How confusing my body is!
I know one reading shouldn't throw me but... argh!
Went to get in the shower.
Period has started.
That's why the temp dropped.
Back to feeling that a woman's body is a amazing.
We think it's a big mystery but if you can read the signs it's clear why your body is doing what it is- or it has been for me (barring one offs that I blow out of proportion).

Loving charting.

So I've been feeling yucky-ish today.
Doesn't help that every time I turn my head for a second Ark Boy has clobbered/pushed/kicked Farm Girl for some unexplainable reason.
I ask him why and he tells me what he did: ("eg I hit her)
ask again and he demonstrates what he did.
So curling up with chamomile tea and a hot water bottle.

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