Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Keep meaning to post a new entry.
Life is happening fast but not noteworthy.
I also feel like reading day-to-day stuff can be boring... but I devour other people's day-to-day blogs....
Ark Boy keeps amazing me d.a.i.l.y with all the new things he's saying.
Today he said: "everyone come into the living room.... Mommy come into the living room, Daddy come into the living room.... Family come into the living room"... we were getting to it, I promise he didn't have to wait that long.
He also shut himself in the bathroom and then said "Where is me?.... I'm in the bathroom!"
Okay- so not profound words of wisdom but still crazy cool because these are sentences he's never said before.
And on the Farm Girl front...
She makes her opinions known- words or no
and I'm so glad... for better or worse
case in point
today I noticed that she had snagged a wii remote and was starting to chew on it.
not good.
signed "no" and walked toward her
She screamed
I always tell Ark Boy it's her way of saying "no".
It was so cool to see her quickly process my intention and vocally let me know that she wasn't happy with me.

Does this satisfy the blog quota for today?
It's not a burden.
I just keep putting it off.
And then I start a new entry and verbal diarrhea ensues.
Cutting myself off for the night.
Must go to bed.

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librarian pirate said...

Oh my goodness, my reading list is BEYOND LONG!! But I do always appreciate suggestions or reasons to put one book over another. Also, recommendations get me reading outside my comfort zones which is always a good thing! (: I'm absolutely addicted to audio books while I'm in the car (and often while I'm falling asleep. It calms my mind ... but makes for absolutely crazy dreams)

My current goal is to write at least one book post a week and one personal post a week. I just put up a long rambly blog after talking to you about it and it felt SO GOOD to just sit and let everything come out. I've missed that. (: We'll get there!