Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dear Noah 33 months

Dear Funny Noah,

You still make me laugh every day. Every day you talk more and more and I'm surprised with how much you can say. Lately you've been saying: "I'm mad!" when I really think you might be sad. For the last two days you've spent several chunks of time repeating everything I say. Scary.

You often say: "you remember..." when you want to tell a story. If I'm telling Daddy a story about you you will say: "you remember I say that?" We recently spent a couple nights at Nina's house and you insisted that you didn't want to go to our house when it was time to leave. That night, you were very very tired (this non-napping thing can be hard for a 2.5 year old) and said: "I just want to go to Maggie's house" in a very sad voice. Maggie is Nina and Poobah's cat. You often now say you don't want to go to our house when we're leaving wherever we've been. I think cabin fever is making us all a little stir crazy so going home is no longer an exciting proposition. Soon, soon it will be spring and we will try to get out as often as possible. The next day above 40degrees we have a date with the zoo.

You are very inquisitive about what people are doing, where they are going, what they are saying. I hear you, right now asking Daddy: "where you going now?" When someone talks to you who you don't want to talk to you close your eyes and stand very still until they give up and walk away. Just an FYI- I'm not sure how much longer that trick will work.

Loving you like crazy,
ps today you said: "what are you doing... what are you doing, Sarah?" hard not to laugh.

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arock said...

Noah's expressions are beyond priceless. I feel like his little face is becoming more "little boyish" each time you put up a new picture, if that makes any sense.