Saturday, December 13, 2008

sub wrap up

I subbed all week.
My throat is very ouch-ed.
I'm not sick... I don't think... just have a very tired throat.

Here's the funny/quirky/interesting story wrap up:
k, evidently my memory is gone too.
well here's a couple I remember:
kindergartner shared in circle:
*big grin* my dad lost his job yesterday! *big grin* *lots of wiggles* There were too many people in his office so he lost his job! *more grinning*
Not sure how to respond to that...
In PE:
the other PE teacher smacked a third grade girl's butt playfully as she ran past dressed in a purple sweats.
He teased a lot of the kids in a fun way
but this went too far
felt very uncomfortable but didn't know how to ask him about it until...
"are one of your daughters in this class?"
"Yep! That's her, over there in the purple"
quickly recover
"Oh! is that weird having her in your class?...."
Waking up EVERY morning:
alarm goes off
cat meows
and meows
and meows
Try to walk to stairs
cat blocks way
try to walk down stairs
cat stops every step to check that I'm coming
end up essentially kicking the silly cat down the stairs one at a time in order to get down the stairs to feed the silly thing.
mention all this to Ren Man.
"That may be because I used to get up when he meowed and he'd run down the stairs and I'd get back in bed," he says "so now he's probably just making sure you're really coming."

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