Friday, December 19, 2008


I've been wanting to take a picture of this ridiculous house that is about 4 houses down from ours. EVERYONE who has come to our house since the WEEK BEFORE THANKSGIVING (!!) has commented on the craziness of this house (I think "intense" is usually the descriptor used).
Not only are there all these crazy lights...
there is also...
wait for it...
I kid you not.
And when I'm working on the third floor- I can hear it.
And yet
while the snow is making everything look clean...
it is also muffling sound.
I felt provoked into going outside
(after hearing this conversation while Ren Man and Ark Boy geared up to go outside a little before 7pm to shovel again:
Ark Boy said: "What's mommy going to wear?" when he saw Ren Man putting on my mittens
"Mommy's not going outside, she's too wimpy" (or something similar- my memory is foggy on the specifics).
I really did want to go outside- I just didn't want to bundle up Farm Girl.
But what better night than this one to get the lit up house.
bundled up Farm Girl
Wrapped Farm Girl
Frustrated because Farm Girl insisted on leaving her arms out of wrap
Struggled into babywearing coat
somehow managed to get Farm Girls arm in my arm hole
Blaming Ren Man entirely for my predicament as he coerced me into going outside
Finally erupt from the house
Ren Man sees me
"Are you okay?" he asks
"I'm mad at you! You always do this! Say things to antagonize me and make me do things"
"What? I thought you wouldn't want to come outside because it's too late for Del"
"I do want to come outside- but it is too late for Del but you made it sound like I couldn't come outside..."
"Oh, sorry..."
Traipse down snowy road to get not good picture.
Didn't hear house's music until half way down street!

Ren Man and Ark Boy wander up street after a while to meet us.
Ask Ark Boy to freeze for long exposure.
Love his orange coat.

Snowy street facing back towards our house

Ark Boy going towards our house
he wanted to be first

Ren Man wanted to take a picture of Farm Girl and myself.
It was not my finest hour as I was cold, soaked, and wearing Ark Boy's hat as I couldn't find a better alternative when leaving the house in relative haste.
Camera was flashing ERR
I think it was done with the cold too.

In other news:
had a very fun newborn shoot. Head over to the Brown Eyed Photography blog to check it out.

I have a couple projects that I need to photograph and then I'll post them for your enjoyment.
I also have approximately 937 projects still to go before the big DEC 25!

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