Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Had midwife appt for annual.
Explained that since we aren't abstaining we could possibly be pregnant
but unlikely
peed in cup
hear midwife in lab
"this one's Sarah's?... She's pregnant"
go hot
go cold
It's okay.
It will only happen if it's meant to happen.
did she say six?
maybe a room number?
check door.
big seven on door.
not pregnant.
wait- did she say six?
moment to think again.
I think she said six.
Midwife enters room.
"So you're not pregnant"
"I'm not? Oh!... You scared me!"
"Sorry, the lab tech wasn't making eye contact to confirm what I was seeing"
Sad not to see midwife for another year.
remind self that wanting to see midwife more regularly is no reason to make baby.
Go home.
Five minutes after getting home very very thankful to have two and no more at the moment.

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