Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear Del 8 mos

Hi Baby Girl,
So not only am I late in writing your letter... we're also seriously lacking in photos this month. Not sure why. We have been slightly busy. We went to Chicago at the beginning of the month, Vermont in the middle of the month, and then Vermont AGAIN for Thanksgiving. No wonder you're on the short nap track. After you wake up the first time you've been getting up every hour to hour and a half. We're both cranky and tired. Last night you slept for 2 hour chunks... I'm wondering if it's because we're home now.
Anyway- enough about sleep.

You continue to delight everyone you meet. Relatives in Vermont kept asking if you were "always this easy/quiet". Daddy and I kind of glance at each other trying to show our disbelief. Maybe you are just more easy going in crowds- or when you're too tired to do anything but come along for the ride. Daddy and I try to explain to people that you are definitely not quiet. In fact you are quite loud. You cry loud, you scream loud, you laugh loud, you babble loudly. That certainly didn't come from your Daddy. Over the summer, after listening to you cry (loudly and persistently) on a car ride because you were hungry, Nina said she wondered if you'd continue to be clear about your wants/needs. It's interesting because often it's very clear what your opinion is. You love playing peek-a-boo and even initiate the game yourself if you can find a nearby blanket or scarf to hide under. You hate getting dressed.

You are still very much all about Mommy. You've warmed up to Daddy and even reach for him from time to time but you are not often okay with Mommy passing you off to someone other than Daddy. Just building my core muscles from carrying you 75% of the day. It only gets tricky when you also insist I stand while holding you. I know, I know- these days are flying by- so I try (not always successfully) to relish this time when you can fit in my arms and perch on my hip.
You've recently started doing this funny scrunchy nose face. While you do it you blow in and out quick through your nose.

You have been amazing Daddy and I with your cute-ness and your smart-ness. You amaze us.
And just past the 8 month mark you starte crawling suddenly- much to my surprise- and started pulling yourself up on every piece of furniture possible. It was unnerving enough to not be able to find you in the night when I knew I had put you to sleep in the crib. About 2 weeks ago you started sitting up in your crib when you wake up in the night. When I went to get you the first time you did that I couldn't find you because you were at the opposite end of the crib, taking up less space in a sitting position, than where I laid you to sleep. Things got even crazier last night when I found you standing in your crib waiting for me. But that's really something I should talk about next month.
I should make sure to take more pictures this month!
Well, you're at the bottom of the stairs and I hear your brother saying "are you coming?...Noah help Del..." so I better go investigate. It's one thing to see you crawling across the living room floor or pulling yourself up on the coffee table- but stairs... not yet... wait just a little bit longer for that- please.

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