Monday, November 3, 2008

the rest of "today"

When Ren Man came home both kids were still sleeping.
By the time they woke up we weren't sure if we had time to do the Sears Tower before meeting our friend.
She ended up calling saying that her daughter was throwing up for the first time in her life and she needed to stay home.
We were sad but hopefully we'll be able to see her tonight.

We decided to go to Greek Town to get gyros- Ren Man's favorite.
He insisted we go to Greek Town Gyros because he'd read a good review.
In we walked and ate delicious gyros.
I glanced out the window and spotted a sign for Greek Town Gyros.
I asked if Ren Man was sure we were at the right place.
"YES" he said all agitated at my questioning of his gyro restaurant choice.
I pointed out the window.
Oh he was embarrassed.
Score one for me:)
We were at Mr. Greek Gyros.
It was yummy and I'm sure just as good as Greek Town Gyros.
After walking around for a little while (past Sears Tower, no less)
(taken for the sidewalk- as in the camera was on the sidewalk)

we came back to the hotel to wait for the Brown reception.
Ark Boy asked to read books and wanted his snuggly blanket.
Clearly he thought bed time was imminent.
We carted to slightly cranky and definitely tired kids to the reception for 9.
We saw a professor from our St. Mike's- where we were undergrads.
It was nice to see him and he told Ren Man to consider SMC when he's done with his program at Brown because the dept. "isn't getting any younger".
We would love to be at SMC so this was very cool to hear.
A little before 11 we brought one sleeping baby and one tired toddler back to the hotel and we all crashed.
Today- our last day in Chicago- is going to be just as full as previous days have been.
Then tomorrow we fly back to Providence- (well, Warwick really:))!

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