Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Lots of plans yesterday.
Boat ride, children's museum, and meet up with friend from college.
We debated going to friend's house because we weren't sure she'd be able to come in because her daughter is sick.
We opted to risk her not coming to see us last night because it would be a 40 minute train ride and then we weren't sure how close public transport would get us to her house.
The boat ride was great.

Ark Boy had a blast and it was really fun hearing about different buildings in Chicago and Chicago history.

The tour guide was entertaining.

After the boat ride we went to a restaurant that Ren Man wanted to try that we heard had awesome ribs.
It was a sports bar.
This isn't the first time we've brought children to eat a meal at a bar.
It's always interesting.
After a super filling meal (Ren Man wanted us to get full rib racks) we decided a tired Ark Boy wasn't up for the Children's Museum.
I was bummed but it was the right decision because we came home and Ark Boy slept for 3 hours.
Around 5:30 we heard from our friend- her daughter was still sick.
She didn't feel like she could come in.
It was a good lesson learned.
In the future when traveling people come first.
So we should have gone to our friends house in the morning and then tried to do the boat ride in the afternoon.
Oh well.
I was still full from lunch and Ren Man wanted to try the infamous Chicago hot dogs.
I'm happy to pass.
The verdict: taste like hot dogs.
Again, I'm happy to pass.
On the way back to the hotel from the hot dog place we stopped by the "bean"- a huge reflective sculpture.
I was soooo disappointed that we had opted to leave the camera at home assuming we were just running out quick to get the hot dog.
The pictures would have been awesome.
I've been playing with slow shutter speed- sooo fun.
Oh well.
This morning we went back to the bean to get pictures.

It was fun because no one else was there.
(that teeny tiny white shirted person under the bean is Ark Boy)

We're leaving for the airport in about 10 minutes.
I don't feel done with Chicago (I never made it to the childrens museum, the art institute, or the science museum).
I do feel very very done with living at a hotel and NEEDING to be gone 8+ hours a day (meaning transporting myself and two children by myself in the city- needless to say- my feet are really sore... I think the bottom of my toes are blistered!).
Going to get home so we can vote:)

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C Kircher said...

I know you posted this a while ago but I'm just seeing it for the first time. Tom and I finally made it to Chicago last summer(8/2010). We had the best time. The art museum was free on Thursday nights, so that was the first thing we did when we arrived. We both enjoyed it very much. We participated in a free "swing" dance class in the park followed by a free 50's/60's era concert. We actually took a 3 hour kayak tour on the river (instead of the boat tour), which gave us a unique vantage point to be surrounded by skyscrapers. My biggest disappointment was Navy Pier. The tall ships were there so it was ridiculously crowded and the end of the pier was closed. Did you have any Garrett's popcorn? I would make the trip to Chicago just to get some more of that.
We plan to return, I hope you have an opportunity to also. I'm sure it is a totally different experience with children.