Sunday, November 2, 2008


Going to try to squeeze in a nap so this will be quick.
Yesterday we went to Lincoln Park Zoo.
It is surprisingly big (it's free).
We were supposed to be meeting local babywearing moms but I didn't see any.
Even so it was a fun day.

Ark Boy had so much fun seeing the giraffes, chimps, gorillas, all kinds of cats, snakes, etc.

I had planned on taking him to a playground- I heard there was one at the park.
I never saw it
and we spent so much time at the zoo that by 2pm when we still hadn't seen the farm and Ark Boy was walking slower and slower- I knew the playground wasn't worth finding.
It was interesting watching Ark Boy as he studied other children.
He loved standing on this viewing platform to see the giraffes.
At one point he asked if a girl standing nearby wanted a turn on the viewing platform.
I was shocked.
Then he didn't actually want to give up his place and I had to wrench him away until it was his turn again.
There was also a climbing sculpture- it's like this one (not my picture)

We ended our day at the park by going to the farm yard.
Ark Boy was obsessed with the cows.
He got closer than he's ever gotten to the cows at his Grampy's.
I'm interested to see how he reacts to Grampy's cows at Thanksgiving.
Ark Boy crashed under the desk at the hotel and Farm Girl kept falling apart because she couldn't manage to fall asleep but she was exhausted.
Finally Ren Man came to the hotel and we went to eat a quick dinner at a nearby restaurant.

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