Monday, November 17, 2008


The day we came home from Chicago I insisted Ren Man make cookies as a thank you to our duplex-neighbor who looked after Bixbee while we were gone.
He made chocolate chip and peanut butter.
The next morning I placed a tin foil covered plate of cookies outside their door with a thank you note attached.
Several hours later a couple squirrels were in our garden (in the front yard).
I pointed these out to Ark Boy and watched as they dug around a little.
One squirrel came onto our front porch.
This was very exciting for Ark Boy.
The squirrel slipped under the gate that divides our half of the front porch from the neighbors.
I lost sight of it because of the angle of the windows to porch- but a moment later the squirrel was coming back under the gate to our side... with a peanut butter cookie in its mouth!
"Those punks!" I shouted before throwing open the door and snatching my plate of cookies back.
I think that only one cookie had been snagged.
Much later, when the neighbors were home, I brought the cookies to them.
I debated telling them the squirrel story...
decided they'd probably prefer not to know.
Recently decided that while we invite Ark Boy to cook with us- he never really gets to do anything.
Lured him back inside by asking if he wanted to make cookies (was wishing we hadn't given cookies to neighbors but kept them for ourselves).
Time for eggs.
Showed Ark Boy where the eggs are in the fridge.
He was adamant about cracking them himself.
Slightly nerve wracking.
He does it.
Show him where to compost bucket is for egg shells.
Farm Girl wakes from nap.
Tell Ark Boy that I'll be right back.
Come back with Farm Girl.
Time to cream dough.
Seems too wet.
Decide to add more sugar.
Ren Man is attracted to mixer noise.
Assume cookies are in process.
Ask him about lack of creaminess.
Suggests we add more butter.
Decide to look at egg carton.
Only one egg left.
Evidently Ark Boy went and retrieved 2 additional eggs, cracked them into the dough, and discarded the shell, with only minimal shell in the mixing bowl...
all while I was getting Farm Girl from her nap.
So we doubled the recipe.
Then froze the cookies to deter us from eating them too quickly.
Even so... they're aren't so many left.
SOMEBODY (me) keeps going downstairs to the chest freezer where said cookies are being stored to get a couple... a couple times a day.

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Shalonne said...

This made me laugh out loud - thanks for being so funny!