Friday, October 31, 2008


Was going to wait until we got back home but:
have verbal diarrhea
nervous I'll forget something important
have internet connection
know moms, in particular, would appreciate live updates.

Have pictures from yesterday so will wait to blog about yesterday until I put pictures on computer.

Flight was for 12:45.
We had ordered a laptop kindof last minute hoping it would arrive in time.
Knew hotel had wireless and we're addicted
to the internet
How could we face a big city (or anywhere, really) without internet
(for maps, reading reviews, etc)
Packed car.
Didn't want to leave house too early though and then have to hang around airport.
Five minutes before leaving- fedex truck pulls up.
Ren Man and I are ridiculously giddy.
Get kids in car.
Drive to airport.

Ark Boy is not sticking with us in airport as I expected.
Stressful checking in.
Finally ditch bags.
Manage to make it through security
only forgetting Farm Girl's hat
which they brought over to us soon after
(read later- 12,000 laptops are left at airport security EVERY DAY!- fortunately that wasn't us!)
Hang around gate for an hour and a half or so.
Fortunately our gate is the last one so we waste a lot of time stopping to look at airplanes.
When it's time to board we have to wait for our turn.
Ark Boy is straining against the stroller straps yelling: "GET ON AIRPLANE!"
FINALLY we get on.
Not crowded at all on flight.
Ark Boy looks out window, sees another airplane, insists on getting on airplane.
Hard to convince him that we ARE on an airplane.
First time I'm flying Northwestern.
Love Northwestern.
So funny.
For example: "If you haven't been in a car in the last 30 years- this is a seatbelt... when the oxygen mask drops, stop screaming, let go of your neighbor and put it over your head..."
Taking off, Ark Boy looks out window, looks at Ren Man:
"Scared!" Ark Boy says looking insistent.
"Daddy carry you!"
Convince Ark Boy to stay in seat.
He's not a big fan of seat belt.
Also scared when we land but manages fine.
Soon after lays head in Ren Man's lap and falls asleep.
Sound asleep.
When getting off airplane people are impressed with wrapped Farm Girl
they even comment!
Maybe this is the midwestern culture as oppose to "uptight" (is it?) newengland culture?
One man says: "I didn't even know there was a baby on this flight!"
That's all.
That's all I needed to hear.
Feeling so pleased.
That brandy worked well I guess.

Thankfully Ren Man had everything organized in his mind as far as where to go.
Found airport exit to train station and took train to hotel.
Ark Boy wakes up as we get off train.
Ark Boy insisting he wants to leave hotel to take a walk.
Hook up laptop.
No wireless card.
Decide to go buy one at staples.
Chicago is big (over 4.5x's the square footage of Boston)
Chicago is crowded (about 5 times more people than Boston)
Chicago is loud

Get what we need.
Come back to hotel.
Ren Man hooks up card and gets computer online.
Take Ark Boy and get subway.

Ren Man has a meeting to go to so leaves
at bedtime
aka meltdown point
for me
oh- and the kids too
After brief sojourn into bathroom Ark Boy strips all clothes as they are wet.
Decide to nurse Farm Girl to sleep
Ark Boy is begging to watch "Emmie do say gobble gobble"
Turn on youtube
start nursing Farm girl to sleep
You might notice
"Emmie do say gobble gobble" is not long enough for Farm Girl to fall asleep
Mommy not responding speedily enough
Ark Boy comes to investigate
Sees opportune snuggling time
this involves attempting to lay on top of Farm Girl
Feeling frustrated.
Farm Girl smiles at brother
pulls his skin
he thinks this is funny
they laugh at each other
very cute, yes- I'll admit.
Couple quick rescues of Ark Boy's bits as Del attempts to pinch and/or taste them.
Decide- after approximately 37 interrupted nursing attempts that Farm Girl is probably full.
Bring Ark Boy to couch and read ALL 5 books in whispered voice while Farm Girl falls asleep in bed.
When done tell Ark Boy to go to sleep.
After about an hour
he does.
Enjoy internet time for 1/2 hour before Ren Man comes back.
Feeling excited and a little nervous about tomorrow....

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