Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's like Christmas

After an endless search my mom found Wii and Wii Fit!
She bought 2.
One for me.
One for her.
Feeling addicted.

Have been itching to buy dslr camera for years and the itch has become less bearable since Farm Girl's birth.
Unbeknownst to me my mom was in cahoots with my heterosexual life partner, Kate.
Kept squawking about wanting to get one.
Mom got nervous.
Gave me camera yesterday.
resist squealing
Purchased memory card from amazon last night.

Have been debating epilator's all summer.
Ren Man found a Braun deal.
Bought epilator.
Should be arriving soon.

Aunt from far away NC came to visit us for a day as part of her week up to see family.
Haven't seen her in 9 years!
Was nervous to have her come
You know that my mommy-ing has been slightly stressful of late
Said to self: "Self, you must be on best behavior"
It was easy to be on best behavior
It helps to have 2 extra adults home
Ark Boy seemed to like Aunt- despite smoking smokey-yucky-ness
Don't be jealous Grammy-
he even gave Aunt a kiss when she left!

Aunt needed family pic.
This was the best one.
Ark Boy was done with pictures.
Farm Girl found the grass too too fascinating.
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