Thursday, August 21, 2008


Working on resolution to write more
and write more daily grind stuff
Yesterday- was it yesterday?
The days start to bleb
Maybe I should start again...
one day this week-
yes, it was Tuesday
Farm Girl had her 4-month-at-4.5-months well baby check
She's doing good
Our dr. is awesome
he was a little concerned about her approx thirty (that's right 3-0) birthmarks
there's a correlation between cancer and birth marks (not skin cancer though)
and there's a correlation between hearing loss and birth marks
but we have no family history
at least not to my knowledge
When the dr. walked in he said: "Omg! She looks JUST like you"
yes she does
but then the dr. said she seemed to have Ren Man's eyes
I disagree
It's fun to see her take shape

On to more day-to-day stuff
Ark Boy has been a wreck today
I suspect he's tired
Not sure why though
so to ease our morning a little we went for a walk

to find geese

and attempt to learn the lesson:
"how to respect geese by resisting the urge to chase them"
Maybe it's not important
But just in case
we talked about not chasing them- just looking
But oh- it's so fun to chase them too!

Ark Boy has been asleep since a little before 1
is that right
it is
and it's almost 4!!
Farm girl has been sleeping since 1:30!
Usually her naps are shorter than Ark Boys

Oh- and one last thing
we're giving Farm Girl her own room
We were going to have the kids share
Can't figure out how to fit everyone in that room
So she gets her own room
And we're moving her to the crib
We'll see if this works....

Ark Boy just wandered downstairs
Off to find him the water he's requesting.

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Ash said...

hey, she actually looks a bit like noah in that picture!!! That's kind of cool. but yeah she's totally your child...while noah is clearly mine.