Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dear Ark Boy 26 months

Dear Bug-a-Boo,

It's hard to believe that you are a full fledged two year old. How did that happen? You seem to be talking more and more every day and you come out with the funniest things. Last night there were fireworks going off close enough to our house that we could see them out of your bedroom window as you were being put to bed. All today you've been talking about the "Mommy Fireworks" and "Baby Fireworks". I'm nervous that tonight you'll expect a repeat performance.In the last couple weeks the "Two Year Old's Guide to Being Two" has evidently arrived in the mail- unbeknownst to me- and you've apparently been studying it in all your spare time. You have had a couple "temper tantrums"- if you can call them that. You push your face up against the wall or the arm chair and cry inconsolably. It's very sad. Sometimes I know why you are upset but usually it isn't very clear. When you're done you often say: "Noah sad! Sad eyes!"

You've also become quite the jokester. Just today you pointed to my leg and said: "Noah leg" and pointed to your leg and said "Mommy leg" and then gave me this mischievous grin like you'd just shared the funniest joke.

You love love your friend Emmie. It's so wonderful seeing the two of you develop such a fun friendship. I'm so so thankful that you know Emmie and that you have this life-long history with her. It's also wonderful to see how comfortable you are with her mom, Kate and how important Kate and Mike are to you. Emmie's brother, Baby Chase, has made a big impression on you too. It'll be interesting to see how the relationships develop between all four of you kids.
When Emmie came over last time we filled the pool for the two of you to go swimming. The water was VERY cold but you two insisted on going in anyway. Emmie kept saying: "Naked bodies!" and you kept repeating her even though I don't think you know what you were saying. Now every time I say "naked bodies" you say: "Emmie do it! Naked bodies!"

Your role as big brother fits you perfectly in that it is hard for me to remember a time when Farm Girl wasn't part of our lives- but it's probably even harder for you to remember. In your world she seems like only a minor character and has little impact on your life in any overt way. She loves to watch you and laugh and talk at you. You think she's pretty funny but she doesn't entertain you for long. Lately you've been asking saying: "Del lap!" or "Del Daddy" or "Del bouncy seat" when you want to sit on Mommy's lap. Often I'm holding our baby because she needs milk. When I explain that to you you say: "Daddy milk!".

Last night you asked to wear Farm Girl. I was so excited to see what would happen. I ran to get a mei tai ("Grampy cow!" according to you) and strapped Farm Girl to your back. At one point you tipped backwards. I guess 14+lbs is too heavy for my 30+lber. I promised you that you'd be big enough to wear the next baby whenever it comes.

We have had a tough month or so because Daddy is working crazy hours this summer. Thankfully Nina has been coming down every weekend to spend a night. You love love Nina and you're so cute when you talk about her. I think you think she lives with us and from time to time goes to visit "Pooba's House".
Next week Grammy, Uncle Shawn, and Aunt Chelsea are coming to visit. You are too excited. I thought about not telling you until closer to the day but we'll be getting our "green car" back so I thought I should warn you that the van will be leaving. When I told you about their upcoming visit you got so excited and started jumping up in down and asked: "Grampy?!?!" I explained that he had to stay home with the cows. Now you keep saying: "Grammy, Uncle Shawn, Aunt Chelsea?..... "Grampy stay cows!" You also ask for Great Grampy to come visit when you see him on "Noah TV". It was hard to figure out how to explain why Great Grampy couldn't come to our "New House".

So evidently I should have started writing you monthly letters a couple years ago because I have so much I want to record- like how you love "Darren" (really Jared) and his "white dog" from next door, how you weed with me in the garden by picking up dirt and shaking it in your hand, how you call smoothie's "yogurt", how you love bike rides and walks and just being outside, how you call your rain boots "Emmie Boots" because Emmie has the same pair and you call your red crocs "Nina's shoes" because I told you she bought them for you.... see, I could go on forever. But your baby sister is fussy so I must make myself stop.

Love you bunches and bunches,

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