Wednesday, July 2, 2008

routine schmoutine

oh, I'm very type A
Laid back?
Sure-that's-me-I'm-laid-back-and-type-A-why -would-you-think-I'm-uptight-why?
At least that's how it was before children (bc)
Now I'm laid back
I assumed we would have a routine
I even included a "My Daily Schedule" page in Ark Boy's scrapbook
But no
We have no routine
I wasn't interested in scheduled feedings or in any way putting my schedule on our baby
Ark Boy is super laid back
so we have no routine
Farm Girl... I think she has a routine
When I student taught Ren Man had Ark Boy on a routine and it worked
Today my mom and I talked about the fact that clearly Ark Boy is exhausted if he's falling asleep in such odd places like... the hardwood floor, for instance
So maybe we need a set routine
And he hasn't been going to bed until 9:30pm or later and I feel like I need time after he goes to bed to unwind
So I've been staying up too too late
So 7pm bedtime for him
Good idea
Let's start tonight
When Ren Man comes home we go to the mall to exchange some clothes
On the way home I glance at the clock
Guess we're not starting that 7pm routine tonight
Maybe I should start tomorrow
Not necessarily a routine that is tied to the clock
More: first we do this then we do that
I'll start with just a morning routine and see how we go
Here's the plan
wake up
eat breakfast
Let Ark Boy watch Signing Time
Go for a walk while Farm Girl sleeps in wrap
Come home
Hang out with Farm Girl/Have lunch
Put Farm Girl in swing and hope she sleeps
Insist on putting Ark Boy to sleep

That's the plan
We'll see
I'll try and stick to it for a week and then make adjustments
Hopefully adjustments will include figuring out an afternoon routine
And hopefully this will lead to earlier nights for me
Not 11pm nights where I go to bed starving because I feel like it's too late to eat but I ate last at dinner around 7pm

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Kate@MKDPhotography said...

I think I too hinted that Mr. Noah must be pooped...but I hear that you have to push back bedtime in 15 min. perhaps tomorrow night should be 9:15...which means 7pm will happen in...9 days.